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20+ Halloween Blog Post Ideas

halloween blog post ideas

Halloween is just around the corner which means it’s time for us bloggers to come up with some Halloween blog post ideas. If you haven’t come up with any ideas, then this is the post for you.

I’ve thought of over 20 Halloween blog post ideas for you to update your blog with in the month of October.

Check it out!

20+ Halloween Blog Post Ideas


Top 5 Halloween Costume Ideas

Share some of your favorite costume ideas or some of the easiest ideas you have for a Halloween costume.


DIY Costume

Create a DIY costume for your readers to recreate.


Top 5 Halloween candy

Share your favorite Halloween candies in a post and why you love them.


Share a tutorial for a DIY Halloween bag.

Create a trick or treat bag and share how you made it.


Share your Halloween costume.

Already thought of your Halloween costume and you want to share it ahead of time? Or do you want to share your costume on the day of Halloween? Showcase it to your readers.


What’s your favorite horror movies?

Write down a list of your favorite horror movies and why you love them.


What you would do if you were in a specific horror movie?

Share how you would react in situations in movies like Scream, It, or any other scary movie.


Share a roundup of awesome costumes from the previous year.

You can write a post showcasing Instagram photos of Halloween costumes from random people or even celebrities on Instagram.


Share your trick or treat tips.

Do you have any tips for parents or children for trick or treating on Halloween? Share them.


Create a Halloween makeup look.

Share a makeup tutorial showing off your skills.




100+ Spooky Halloween Hashtags to use on Instagram


Show how you decorated your porch for Halloween.

Did you decorate your porch? Show it off and leave links to the items you purchased.

Share how you decorated your home or a specific room in your house for Halloween.

Share your Halloween decorations.


Why do you love or hate Halloween?

Share how you feel about Halloween.


What are your favorite zombie movies.

Share a list of your favorite, top 5, or top 10 zombie movies.


Share a scary movie review.

Seen a scary movie recently? Review it.


Post some DIY Halloween craft tutorials.

Have some creations you want to share? Post about it.


Create a roundup post of Halloween crafts from other websites.

Find some Halloween crafts on Pinterest or Google and round them up into one post.


Share a Halloween themed recipe.

Created some creepy cute Halloween recipes? Share it with your readers so that they can make them too.


Share what you’re dressing your pet as for Halloween.

Show off your adorable pet in their costume for Halloween.


Create a Halloween themed outfit and post about it.

Show off your Halloween outfit of the day.


Visit a haunted house and review it.

Go to a haunted house with some friends or family and share your experience.

Share a Halloween story.

Share a memory from a past Halloween.


List your favorite childhood Halloween movies.

Share movies you loved as a kid that aired during the Halloween season.


Do you believe in the supernatural? Do you believe in ghosts?

What do you believe in? Talk about it.



halloween blog post ideas


I hope that you guys found these Halloween blog post ideas helpful.


Share it with other bloggers so that they will have ideas for their own blogs too.

Post it on social media! I’d greatly appreciate it!

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