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The Marvel Barbie Doll Gift Set Every X-Men Lover Needs!

marvel barbie doll set

The release of these Marvel Barbie dolls has me super excited!

I just recently spoke about the Storm Barbie Doll release and now I’m realizing that Mattel released Dark Phoenix and Mystique in a set.

It’s just too much! I am so happy! This is some of the best news I’ve heard all week!

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Marvel Barbie Doll Gift Set

Just a heads up, the set is currently backordered on Mattel’s website right now, but you can purchase the set from Gamestop or each doll separately.

dark phoenix barbie doll

The Dark Phoenix Barbie doll features Jean Grey’s Phoenix form in her red outfit. She wears her golden gloves and golden thigh high boots along with this ensemble.

Buy the Dark Phoenix on Gamestop’s website or on Mattel’s website.



The X-Men Gambit and Rogue Funko Pops are here!

Mystique Barbie Doll

Mystique wears her white side split dress with her white gloves and white boots.

Buy Mystique on Gamestop’s website or on Mattel’s website.



storm barbie doll

Storm is featured in her black off the shoulder jumpsuit outfit with her thigh high boots.

Buy Storm on Gamestop’s website or on Mattel’s website.


I hope that I will be able to buy these in time before they’re all sold out. I want them so badly!

I am secretly hoping that they release a Rogue doll soon too!


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Are you guys excited about this X-Men Barbie doll release?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below.

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