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7 Reasons Why Bloggers Should Use Twitter | Social Media

benefits of twitter

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms for marketing and getting yourself seen. I know this for a fact mainly because I have seen countless people grow from having a few followers to thousands of followers in a couple of months.

Alongside of Twitter being a great place for growing a following, Twitter also has a couple of other benefits.

Today I figured I would share with you guys the perks of having a Twitter account when you’re a blogger and why you should be using Twitter to grow your brand.

7 Benefits of Twitter for Bloggers

You can find new bloggers to collab with and new blog posts to read.

It is extremely easy to find an assortment of bloggers with amazing content to read. There are a decent amount of Blog related Twitter accounts that will even Retweet your tweets to their audience to increase your visibility. You can also reach out to other bloggers to collab on a series, answer some questions, or even write guest posts.

Potential clients will find you and reach out to you via Twitter.

I have actually had a few people contact me after seeing my tweets on Twitter for a specific blog post I wrote or for interacting in a thread. Twitter is honestly one of the best methods for reaching potential clients.

You can find brands and companies to work with.

Different brands who need influencers or bloggers to work with use hashtags like #PrRequest #BloggersWanted to get in touch with bloggers that they might be interested in working with. I have seen PR agents and brands use these hashtags to reach bloggers for sponsorships on their blogs and social media.

Using hashtags can help people find you which can result in potential backlinks.

This year was the year I learned how using hashtags effectively can result in websites seeing your content and creating backlinks to your website. I have created blog posts and shared them on Twitter with multiple hashtags related to my blog posts. A couple of people have tweeted me back and showcased my blog being included on their own personal websites which I think is pretty awesome. The more you tweet out your blog posts and use hashtags, the more chances that you could potentially have your post seen by someone who wants to include it in a post on their own website.

Using hashtags can result in views to your blog.

I receive 10x more views through Twitter to my blog when I use hashtags versus when I don’t use hashtags. I try to use as many hashtags as I possibly can in my tweets.

Post about trending topics to get more visibility.

The few times where I posted about a trending topic, I saw a huge increase in my reach on Twitter. When you talk about trending topics, you have a higher chance of being seen.

UPDATE: Another benefit of using Twitter….

Different writers may want to feature your blog in topics they are currently writing about.

Some journalists may need to reach a blogger about a specific topic. A lot of times they use the hashtag #JournorRequest to find someone to answer their question on Twitter. If they use your response, this can be great because this could also result in backlinks.

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Overall, there are multiple reasons why it is important for bloggers to use Twitter.

You can increase visibility, potentially get work, and develop your backlinks depending on the subject manner.

I know I’ll keep on using Twitter because it has proven to be extremely successful for my growth as a blogger and I think that if you’re a blogger, you should keep using it too.


Now it’s time for you guys to chime in!

What benefits do you think Twitter has or what benefits have you experienced from using Twitter?

Leave a comment down below.


benefits of twitter

(6) Comments

  1. I am one of the few that actually love Twitter. I love the conversations and ways that we can network! I do not see it going anywhere. It is a must use for bloggers.

  2. I have been neglecting Twitter and its benefits to the blogging society. I should change my attitude and will take your advice.

  3. I get great results with Twitter. All of the craziness on Instagram can hurt you. And noone will see a post on fb. unless you do an ad.

  4. Twitter is really a wonderful Social Media Account. Perfect to grow our traffic or audience. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love using twitter and will continue to use it. These are great points!

  6. I have not been using twitter for a long time and I really need to get back to using it on a regular basis. It is an amazing social media platform.

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