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13 Places to Meet Men | Dating Advice

where to meet men

Dating can be hard, but finding someone to actually date can be harder. You never exactly know where to go to meet someone new, but you know you’d like to date someone and potentially fall in love.

I’ve been there…. and today, I wanted to share with you my guide on where to find men.

This dating advice guide is applicable for all ages.

So whether you’re in your 20’s or 60’s, you can use this to find places to meet men.

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Where to Meet Men

Go to Public Facebook Events.

There are always events happening and lots of times, people will post these events to Facebook sharing the details of where the event is located. Grab a friend and visit the events you’re interested in.

Check out what events are going on near you here.

Tell your friends and family subtly or directly that you’re single.

Sometimes the people closest to you will actually know people that are ideal for you. By putting yourself out there and asking them if they know someone that would be interested in dating, you could end up meeting someone awesome that you really like.

Date Yourself and Eat Out alone.

Whenever I used to go out to restaurants or just places in general by myself, I was more likely to be approached than if I went somewhere with a group of friends. I would just say to go out during the daytime and to be aware of your surroundings. Also make sure you tell someone where you’re going and check in with them.

I recommend doing it on a budget, by finding a place to eat on Groupon.

You can also save money on tons of restaurants by buying the Entertainment book. I buy one practically every year to save thousands of dollars on eating out, shopping, and activities (bowling, skating, museums, etc.).

Head out with some friends to the club.

I won’t completely rule out that you can’t find love in the club, but don’t get your hopes up. Most guys are afraid to approach women in the club based on my experience. If you’re feeling daring walk up to someone and ask them for a dance.

Try an online dating site.

I personally made a free account years ago and I must say that if you plan on doing online dating… You should pay for it because anyone and everyone can make a free account. The ones that are serious about finding someone will most likely pay for it. If I was interested in online dating again, I would actually probably pay for a subscription for 3 months and then if I didn’t meet anyone, I would try an eHarmony subscription for 2 months. It’s much more expensive than Match, but you can’t reach anyone without making a payment which makes it more exclusive aka serious to me.

eHarmony will help you be matched with a person that would be a good fit for you and you’d have a better chance of online dating on this website because you have to pay to get in.  A person interested in finding someone that probably won’t play games will actually pay to find their special someone versus using a free website like Tinder which is filled with people that most likely just want to have sex. However if that’s all you’re looking for, sign up for a Tinder account. Make sure to be safe.

Go out more in general.

Push yourself to leave the house every weekend. Go window shopping for clothes or to a downtown area of a different city nearby where you live. Go on an adventure. Experience life and you’ll end up meeting someone. Don’t be one of those people that sits in the house and pines for love, but then wonders if they’ll ever meet the right person.

The more you go out the more chances you have to meet someone.

Just be yourself, look cute, and enjoy life. In the process, someone will show up that you’re interested in.

Now I will share with you guys the top places where I have met men..

Events hosted by people who went to my high school

There have been a lot of times where someone was hosting some sort of event whether it was business related or just a fun hang out event. Most of the time at these events I would end up seeing people from high school as well as a variety of other people I’ve never met before.

Visiting downtown areas of a popular city in my state

Whenever I would walk around Downtown Detroit, Downtown Royal Oak, or Downtown Birmingham in the past… I would meet all types of people. Sometimes someone would walk up and start a conversation on the street or sometimes someone would say something to me as I was visiting an actual store.


I would recommend attending art festivals, music festivals, and food festivals. Whether you meet someone you’re interest in or not… you’ll definitely have a great time. Make sure to check out what festivals are happening in your area. In the past, I recall men approaching me the most in the Summer and Fall seasons versus the Winter and Spring season.

Comic Book Stores

I am a big fan of Marvel, DC Comics, and anime related series. I would only suggest visiting a comic store if you’re actually interested in graphic novels or figures. However, I usually do end up meeting or talking to someone new whenever I go.


As I mentioned before, eating out alone leaves you open and more approachable. The few times that I’ve eaten alone, I almost always was approached. I would recommend taking yourself out to eat at a restaurant during lunch hours versus evening hours.

I saved money using Groupon and my Entertainment book.

Through friends of Facebook Friends online

Lots of times, there are some great guys that are on your friend’s list on Facebook. Make sure that the person you’re friends with actually knows them if you’d like to get some information about them. You could also simply befriend them and break the ice online to see what type of person they are or things they are interested in.

My very own Facebook Friends list

The same goes for your very on Facebook Friends list. My boyfriend who I actually went to high school with was on my friends list and we didn’t start getting to know each other and dating until like 7 years after we graduated high school. Lots of times, there can be hidden gyms among your friends and you won’t even realize it until something happens where someone starts a conversation.

Now I’ll be completely honest, I don’t believe in looking for a man mainly because based on my experience and what I have seen….

When you look for a man, you end up getting a man filled with troubles.

You know how they say,

“Don’t go looking for trouble?”

A lot of times I ended up getting way more than a bargained for and having an absolute headache because of the person I found.

However, I will say that the more that you position yourself in places for men to actually find you… the likely you are to meet someone you’ll like.

Stay true to yourself and have a good time doing whatever you’re doing.

Guys will see that and they’ll want to join in on all of the fun you’re having too.


I hope that you guys found this guide helpful!

Don’t forget to share it across social media! I’d really appreciate it!

where to meet men

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