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DIY Roxanne Goofy Movie Costume

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Roxanne is one of my favorite Disney characters. She was Max’s gorgeous childhood crush on A Goofy Movie. Today I figured I would share my Disney Roxanne costume tutorial where I share with you all how to dress as Roxanne from A Goofy Movie. She has one of the easiest outfits that you can wear for Halloween, if you’re Disney Bound, or if you just want to dress like a Disney character in every day life.

So let’s jump into this Roxanne Goofy Movie outfit!

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DIY Roxanne Goofy Movie Costume


roxanne goofy


Roxanne usually wears a green crop top, dark blue shorts, and white shoes.

Here are some other Jade colored tops you can wear to become Roxanne: 1

Her outfit is simple and cute. I honestly think I love her shorts the most.

Her vibrant reddish orange hair stands out and looks absolutely gorgeous. Here’s a wig that is similar to her’s.

Also check out this. These would be perfect for becoming Roxanne.

The last thing you need is a few books or notebooks and you’ve completed your Roxanne Goofy Movie costume.


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I hope that you guys found this Roxanne Goofy Movie costume / outfit DIY helpful.

Let me know how much you love Roxanne by leaving a comment down below or even share with me your childhood Disney cartoon crush.

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