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Easy DIY Spinelli Recess Costume

recess costume

Ashley Spinelli was one of my favorite characters from the Disney cartoon Recess. She was the take no crap from no one tomboy who was feared. I absolutely enjoyed her strong and tough personality. So today I figured I would share with you guys a DIY Halloween costume tutorial for Ashley Spinelli.

So let’s jump into this Spinelli Recess costume!

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Ashley Spinelli Costume


ashley spinelli costume


Spinelli’s signature look consists of a red t-shirt dress, striped socks, ankle boots with the buckle, and a leather jacket. Her look is complete with the addition of an orange beanie knit hat.

Spinelli’s style always gave me a 90’s grunge type of feel. I’ve always wanted to dress up as her for Halloween.

This Recess costume is an easy Halloween outfit that you can put together without too much hassle. It doesn’t require much effort to put this together.

You can also get a lot of these items from a thrift store, especially around the Fall season. So make sure to visit your nearest thrift store and to see if they have some of the clothing items that are needed to create this Ashley Spinelli costume.


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spinelli recess costume




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So that’s my do it yourself creation for the Spinelli Recess costume. Dress up as her for Halloween with ease this year!

I hope that you guys enjoyed this easy Halloween costume tutorial.

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(12) Comments

  1. Omg, this looks cute! It’s been so long since I saw that character!

  2. Love this unique costume ideas, looks so so good and easy for my Halloween day at work.

  3. So cute! I miss recess, I used to love that show.

  4. I see people are preparing for those Helloween Costumes. That will look so much better than the cartoon characters outfit.

  5. Wow, i used to love Recess. This is a great cosplay idea.

  6. I love easy DIY costumes and this one looks so easy to do! Thank you for sharing.

  7. This is so cute! Recess was such a good show.

  8. This is cute perfect for Halloween and cosplay costume I love it<3

  9. Nice outfit for fall & Halloween, thank you!

  10. Great Halloween costume ideas especially for recess fans.

  11. Blairvillanueva says:

    That is a genius, and savvy costume idea. Btw, that leather jacket is fabulous.

  12. Elizabeth O says:

    Really cute outfit. Perfect for cosplay and halloween costumes.

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