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5 Simple Plaid Skirt Outfits You’ll Love

plaid skirt outfit

I absolutely love plaid skirts. They are stylish and you can wear them in an assortment of ways. I know when I was younger, I always wanted to wear a plaid skirt outfit. Actually I always wanted to own a plaid skirt in every color and I still do even now. Today I figured I would showcase 5 simple plaid skirt outfits that you can wear that don’t require too much effort.

So let’s jump into some quick plaid skirt outfits.

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A Plaid Skirt Outfit for Every Occasion

plaid skirt outfit

This purple outfit reminds me of something The Ashley’s on Disney’s Recess cartoon would wear. I want to say one of them did wear something like this for their “Purple Day” on that one episode where Ashley A was banned from the group because she forgot it was Purple Day.

Excuse my childhood rant, I love Recess and I still watch it til this day.

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Anyway, this outfit consists of a purple fitted cardigan, purple plaid skirt, black oxford heel shoes, and a light purple purse.

This is probably the most preppy outfit. You could potentially wear this to work if you wear stockings with it.



plaid skirt outfit

This outfit is giving me 90’s Rachel Green.

It includes a black turtleneck, a red and black plaid skirt, black oxford shoes, and a red purse.

I would wear this in the Fall and pair it with some thigh high socks or even some stockings.




plaid skirt outfit

This look is giving me a preppy yet relaxed vibe.

It includes a long sleeve grey crop top, navy and green plaid skirt, navy blazer, black oxford heel shoes, and a navy and green plaid backpack purse.




plaid skirt outfit

You can wear this black cropped hoodie, plaid skirt, black lace up ankle boots, and french fry purse.

This outfit will show quite a bit of skin on your legs and a bit of your stomach.

However you can wear a top underneath the cropped hoodie if you prefer not to show too much skin. I personally would wear a tank top in case I felt hot.

I’d wear this to a cool night out with friends at a festival.



plaid skirt outfits


Honestly this is probably going to be my go to Fall outfit.

I paired a denim jacket, black cropped turtleneck top, black and white plaid skirt, thigh high boots, and a cute coffee purse together.

It’s stylish and you’ll be warm.


For more outfits, follow my PLAID SKIRT OUTFIT Pinterest board.


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I hope you guys enjoyed my 5 simple easy plaid outfit looks.

Let me know which outfit you would wear by leaving a comment down below!



*This is a tutorial on how to wear a plaid skirt.

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