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How Do Bloggers Make Money? 10 Bloggers Share Their Income

how do bloggers make money

A lot of people wonder how much bloggers make and the ways in which they make money so today I figured I would do some research to find out. A lot of bloggers share their income reports which I am obsessed with reading. Many income reports basically share what money was earned through online means and a variety of bloggers will share theirs showing insight into their methods for making money. I personally enjoy reading these because I end up finding out about different networks, programs, and methods I can use myself to monetize my own website. So right now I am going to share with you guys how much 30 bloggers made and how they made their money.

I am going to focus on researching income reports from a specific month in 2017. I decided to go this far back mainly because a lot of times I have seen bloggers post about certain networks and then later on they will transition to other networks. This helps me learn about what type of other methods were available and if they’re still available now.

I will be sharing with you guys the name of the blog, how much they made, their blog topic, their traffic at the time (if they reveal it on their blog),and their methods that display how they made their money.

How Do Bloggers Make Money

Simply Hip Savings$84.57

(Saving & Budgeting blog) : Traffic – 3,151 views

The owner made money through affiliate sales (Ibotta, Tailwind, & and Google Adsense.

Aroma Mama$229.65

(Lifestyle blog) : Traffic – 1,315 views

The owner made money through affiliate sales (ConvertKit, Pinterest Unpuzzled, BC Stack, Tailwind, Pinning Perfect, and Amazon).

I’ve never heard of Pinterest Unpuzzled or BC Stack before.

Paper and A Plan – $233

(Productivity & Social Media blog)

The owner made money through client work, an affiliate program (Instant Boss affiliates), Amazon affiliates, and Youtube ads.

Kim Galeta$263.80

(Finance blog) : Traffic 17,804 views

They made money through affiliate sales (LendEdu, Pinterest Strategies, Strategies Worth Sharing ebook, BossLatina images, and Ibotta).

The Sweetest Way$967.70

(Travel, Entrepreneurship, & Making Money Online blog)

They made money through affiliate marketing (Bluehost, ConverKit, Pinterest Organic Traffic Avalanche, Amazon, Skimlinks, Awin, and FlexJobs), e-Book sales, Pinterest consulting, and link placement.

Tomaslau $1168.77

(Lifestyle, Entrepreneurship, Self-development, Books, and Travel blog)

They made money through consulting, writing, and affiliates.

This Fairy Tale Life$1414.87

(Disney, Travel, & Blogging blog) : Traffic – Over 25,000 sessions

They made money through Mediavine (ad network), sponsored content, and affiliate sales (Share-a-Sale [Wayfair, Teepublic, Redbubble], CJ [Hot Topic, Yandy, Trip advisor], Awin [Etsy], ShopSense, Amazon, and Pepperjam [Shutterfly]).

Miranda Nahmias$5,374.39

(Digital Marketing, Pinterest, and Client Acquisition blog) : Traffic – 8,895 views

They made money with digital marketing client work, Pinterest Packages, coaching, digital products, affiliate sales, and Google Adsense.

Start A Mom Blog$39,888

(Blogging, Make Money, and Time Management blog)

They made money through their blog courses i.e. Blogging Bundles, Blog By Number, Ebook by Number, List by Number, Optins ABCs, 9 Step Blog Plan, & Theme by Number.

They also made money with Sendowl Ebooks (Amazon Affiliate, Blog by Number, Email Bundle for Blog by Number, Income Journey, Stock Images) and affiliate sales (ConvertKit, Siteground, Divi by Elegant Themes, Tailwind, Amazon Affiliates, PicMonkey, and Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing).

Sarah Titus$75,226.10

(Lifestyle blog)

They made money mostly through their online store where they sell printables.

They also made money through a network marketing business and affiliates sales (ConvertKit, Leadpages, Amazon, ING Image, BlueHost, Share a Sale, ViralTag, Creative Market, Ebates, OfferJuice, and Zyto Compass).



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how do bloggers make money

All of these bloggers make money through affiliate sales and many of them are promising. However, having multiple digital products for sale seems to be the most promising method for bloggers if they’re interested in making money online.

So now it’s time for you guys to chime in!

Do you make money online with your blog?

Do you have any blog income goals that you’ve set?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below.

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