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3 Mulan Cosplay Ideas for Halloween

mulan cosplay

There is much excitement about the release of the live action Disney Mulan movie. I know I was absolutely in love with the Disney version when I was a child, but I am super excited to see the culturally realistic live action version of this movie.

Today I figured I would share with you guys some Mulan costume ideas if you’re interested in being her for Halloween or just cosplaying her in general. So let’s dive into these Mulan cosplay ideas.

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3 Mulan Cosplay Ideas for Halloween


mulan cosplay

The first Mulan costume idea showcases Mulan’s gorgeous dress that she wore when she saw the matchmaker to help her be paired up with a husband.

She wears black flats along with the dress as well. You can also pair this with a Mushu plush toy.

If the dress is sold out on this website, you can also buy it here.

If you have a child that wants to dress up as Mulan, you can buy the children’s version from here.

Just make sure to put your hair in a bun and you’re good to go.


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mulan cosplay

The second Mulan costume is my favorite. It’s the dress that she wears when she has the final battle with the leader of the Huns, saves China, and meets the Emperor.

In this costume she wears this blue themed gorgeous dress and black flat shoes.

If the other dress is sold out, you can buy it here or you can buy the children’s version here.



Mulan costume

The third Mulan costume comes from her appearance in Wreck It Ralph 2.

This costume includes her red and white jacket, black jeans, and red sneakers.

If the jacket is sold out, you can buy it here.

This is a more casual cosplay outfit that you can wear.



So those are 3 Mulan cosplay ideas you can rock for Halloween.

Let me know which version of Mulan you’re thinking about cosplaying by leaving a comment down below.

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