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I Saw Anastasia on Broadway and It Was Amazing!

Anastasia Broadway Review

Ever since I saw a Facebook ad announcing Anastasia on Broadway, I have been obsessed with going to see it. It came to Michigan and I finally saw it this past weekend at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit, MI. The entire experience was nothing like anything I’ve ever experienced before. So today I wanted to share with you guys my Anastasia Broadway review.

I first learned about Anastasia becoming a musical a few years ago and I was dreading that I would probably have to go to New York to see it mainly because I was a struggling college student. However, I came across another Facebook ad for it last month and I found out that Anastasia on Broadway would be coming to Detroit, MI. I mentioned it to my boyfriend and he bought tickets to see it which I was so freaking happy about. In total he paid maybe $120 to get 2 tickets to see the show and we were all the way in the last back row, but it was so worth it.

I’ve loved Anastasia since I first watched the animated movie when I was around 8 or 9 years old. I actually loved Anastasia more than I loved the Disney princesses that were out at that age. The movie focused on a strong woman with her own mind that wasn’t waiting for a man to save her and rescue her which I loved even as a little girl. I remember “Journey to the Past” being my favorite song from the entire movie and to be honest, it probably still is my favorite movie until this day. So I knew I had to see this musical.

The main musical numbers that were in the movie were included in the musical along with a lot of other added original songs. The orchestra was brilliant hitting every note perfectly. The singers were also amazing as they performed these song and dance numbers without even seeming like they were out of breath. I feel out of breath when I sing and dance side to side for maybe 30 seconds. Everyone within this performance was extremely talented. I honestly would have to say that my favorite characters within this musical was Vladmir and Countess Lily. They were wonderful. The actress who played Anastasia also did an amazing job as she held her own singing all of my favorite songs from the movie.

Here’s a clip of the Broadway cast dancing as Anya sings, “Once Upon A December.”


As far as the story line goes, you will notice that a lot of things are different within this musical in comparison to the animated movie. They do leave out the magical aspect and the idea of Rasputin. They instead focus on the realistic story of what happened to Anastasia. I felt kind of disappointed by it mainly because I was confused about what was happening. I definitely plan on reading up about what actually happened with the Romanov empire, but overall the musical presented a realistic approach to what actually happened to the Romanov family and Anastasia herself which made me love the story even more.

I definitely would recommend that anyone who loves the animated Anastasia movie to go and see it because it was wonderful and even though there wasn’t any magic within the story, it sure did feel like a magical experience to me.

So that is my Anastasia on Broadway review. Let me know if you guys loved the Anastasia movie when you were a child.

Would you see Anastasia on Broadway?

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