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Easy and Delicious Baked Chicken Recipe

baked chicken recipe

Baked chicken is one of my favorite things to make. It doesn’t take much effort at all. It’s definitely one of the best set it and forget it foods that you can focus on creating for dinner or for lunch. So today I wanted to share with you guys my baked chicken recipe.

Easy and Delicious Baked Chicken Recipe

Chicken is so diverse. You can make chicken with rice, put it in pasta, tacos, or even just make it so that you can add vegetables to eat with it on the side. I know I like to buy a few bags of frozen chicken from Walmart for around $7-8 just so that I have it available for me to use at anytime. When I bake chicken in the oven, especially when it is frozen chicken breasts I don’t usually thaw it. Now I’ve heard that a lot people be extremely shocked when I tell them that I do not thaw frozen chicken when I am baking it because you honestly don’t have to. The only time that you should have chicken thawed is when you’re frying it, boiling it, or cooking it in something like a crock pot or slow cooker. When you are baking it in the oven, you can just throw in the frozen chicken and cook it.

I bake frozen chicken by preheating my oven to 350 degrees. Once the oven is at 350 degrees, I line a deep pan with aluminum foil and I toss the seasoning on top of the aluminum foil. I do this so that the bottom of the chicken can be seasoned just like the top of the chicken will be when I sprinkle the seasoning on. (Make sure that you don’t use a flat cookie sheet pan because the juices from the chicken defrosting will end up being everywhere. A deep pan is a must. )

I personally like to use Lawry’s, garlic powder, pepper, and onion powder when I bake chicken unless I am doing something specific. I place the frozen chicken pieces on the aluminum foil and then I season the top of the chicken with the same seasonings. You can place as many chicken breast or tender pieces as you want to depending on how many people you are feeding. After that, I cover the chicken with a sheet of aluminum foil (making sure that the shining side of the foil is facing towards the chicken). I set the timer on my phone or my microwave and I allow the frozen chicken to bake for about 85 minutes (which is roughly an hour and 25 minutes).

Once you hear the timer ding just take the chicken out of the oven and it’s fully cooked.


frozen chicken breast/tenders

Lawry’s seasoning salt


Garlic Powder

Onion Powder

Items needed to cook the baked chicken


Aluminum foil

Deep pan


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baked chicken recipe

I hope that you guys found this baked chicken recipe to be convenient and easy. It’s really simple to do and it doesn’t require a lot of effort or focus as long as you have the timer on.


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