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6 Netflix Shows to Watch Over and Over Again

netflix shows to watch

Do you ever have those days where you need something to watch on Netflix, but you have absolutely no idea what you should check out? Well look no further. Today I wanted to share with you guys a couple of shows on Netflix that I end up watching over and over again. There’s a mixture of comedy, fantasy, drama, and sci-fi within this list. So check out these shows that are available to watch on Netflix right now!

Netflix Shows to Watch

The Office

This comedy show chronicles events that happen within the office of a paper company. The show gets funnier and funnier season after season. If you’re looking for a good laugh, then I recommend watching this comedy show.

Once Upon A Time

This show follows the story of an assortment of fairy tale characters trapped in the real world and looking for a way to get back home as well as a happy ending to their stories. I fell in love with this show when it aired on ABC and something always draws me back into binge watching it. If you enjoy fantasy series with magic and a great story line with fairy tale characters you remember from your childhood then this is for you. Just don’t expect the fairy tales to be exactly as they were in the storybooks you had as a child.

Stranger Things

Interested in sci-fi? Stranger Things will bring the creepy awesomeness. Follow the story of a group of kids who meet a powerful girl as they realize the world is more than what it seems. This show has great acting and an amazing plot line.


This animated series is based on the video game under the same name. This show is about a vampire slayer and the oldest vampire in history, Dracula…. as he wreaks havoc on everyone. The animation in this show is absolutely beautiful.


If you enjoy shows about royalty, why not check out this series about Mary, Queen of Scotland. I watched this show when it aired on tv and it does not disappoint. There is a lot of drama in this show, but it is well written.

Hunter x Hunter

This is my favorite anime series of all time. It is filled with adventure. The story follows a young boy who is setting out to become an adventurer while trying to find his dad. Don’t let the relaxed exterior of the beginning of the series fool you. The show gets pretty dark with an amazing plot line of events following one after the other.

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I hope that you guys enjoyed this list. Let me know what you think about these shows after you watch them.

Also let me know what Netflix Shows You Watch by leaving a comment down below!


netflix shows to watch



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