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25+ Creative Ways to Make Money

creative ways to make money

There are so many things that you can do to make money and today I wanted to share some creative ways to make money. There are an assortment of side hustle ideas that you can do to bring in some extra income for bills or other expenses. So without further ado let’s jump into these creative ways to make money.

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25+ Creative Ways to Make Money


Sell pottery.

If you’ve ever thought about selling pottery like bowls or platters, then you should consider selling pottery locally or online. You can sell on Etsy or at a festival. You could also even contact local art stores that feature pieces created by artists.

Realistic Income from selling pottery: It depends on the pricing and marketing range of your items, but you could make maybe $100+ a month.

Design mugs.

If you can make some creative or relatable designs, people might actually buy them.

Realistic income from designing mugs: Depending on how you market them, you could make maybe $100 a month.

Design shirts.

Create some shirt designs that are marketable on Teespring or Cafepress. You could even run your own Shopify store and sell shirts that way.

Realistic income: If you pay for ads and create some decent designs, you could make $200+ a month.

Design or make purses.

If you plan on upcycling purses or sewing purses yourself, this could be a great creative way to make money.

Realistic Income: You could make maybe $200 and maybe even more if you run a fashion blog on an actual website or on Instagram.

Design shoes.

Take time spray painting, fabric painting, or using Sharpie’s on shoes to make some awesome designs.

Realistic Income: Depending on how much you charge for the shoe design, then you could make a few shoe sales a month. This also depends on if you’re paying for the shoes yourself or if you are having someone buy the shoes and you design them.

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Offer photography packages.

Whether someone needs photos for an event or a model needs some pictures taken, take the photos for a price.

Realistic income: This also depends on how much your promote yourself and what type of photography you plan on focusing on. You could make a few hundred a month if you’re consistent about looking for people who need photographers.

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Sew clothes.

If you know how to sew, you could sew clothes and sell some unique pieces. It would be great if you have a certain theme and promote your items on Etsy.

Realistic Income: Depending on how much you plan on selling the clothes and how you market them, you could end up making around $200-300 a month.

Create patterns for clothes and costumes.

I have seen a lot of people create patterns and sell them on Etsy or their own online stores.

Realistic Income: It all depends on pricing, but you could make maybe $100+ a month on the low end.

Crochet or knit items.

I know of a few people that crochet baby items, blankets, sweaters, and Winter accessories.

Realistic Income: If you are a blogger or an influencer on social media, you could make quite a bit of money. Expect to make a decent amount in the Fall and Winter seasons.

Create quilts.

Design quilts by finding items at the thrift store.

Realistic Income: Sell quilts on Etsy and you could make maybe a thousand dollars for the year.

Create pins.

If you know how to create pins aka brooches, then you could market them on Instagram.

Realistic Income: The amount you make can vary depending on the types of pins you have available. I would say maybe $50 a month for pins unless you’re heavily promoting them.

Create jewelry.

Can you make jewelry like beaded bracelets or choker necklaces? Then sell them online.

Realistic Income: This would also be maybe $50 a month at the low end.

Need help with making jewelry? Take a jewelry class and learn how to make an accessory that sales through a jewelry online class today!


Bake cakes, cookies, and pies.

If you know of any recipes or if you’re good with making boxed baked goods, then sell them. You could sell them for holidays, special occasions, for events for companies, and just randomly.

Realistic Income: Sell your items at different events like festivals and promote the items locally. You can also use ads on Facebook to promote your business too.

Do meal preps for other people.

If you know how to cook, then you could make meal preps for business people who don’t have time to cook.

Realistic Income: If you can get a few customers, you could make maybe $800+ extra a month.

Create paintings.

Sell your artwork locally or upload online.

Realistic Income: Most artists don’t make that much money. However if you sell your paintings at festivals, conventions, and even ask if business establishments need art…. You could make a decent amount of sales.

Revamp furniture.

Buy furniture from thrift stores and flea markets. Then redesign the furniture and sell the items.

Realistic Income: This income could honestly vary, but the more you promote your items on social media… eventually someone will see it and a person who truly wants to buy it will.

Sell artwork on commission.

I have seen a lot of people promote their artwork on commission on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook.

Realistic Income: Depending on the type of art and how much you charge you could make maybe $100+ a month.


Make plushies and stuffed animals.

People on Twitter make plushies and stuffed animals that they sell.

Realistic Income: If you make some high quality popular pop culture related plushies, you could make maybe $200+ a month.

Create dolls.

Share dolls you’ve made on social media and show your process on Youtube. You’ll definitely get some people interested in buying them.

Realistic Income: You could probably make a few thousand a year, especially if you create personalized dolls.

Create phone and tablet cases.

Design your items and sell them on Redbubble or another store.

Realistic Income: You could potentially make a thousand in a year if you make pop culture related designs.


Do people’s makeup for events.

Become a makeup artist for events like homecoming, prom, weddings, pageants, and other events.

Realistic Income: You could make a few extra thousand a year.


Make wigs.

If you know a bit about wigs, you could start making wigs and selling them.

Realistic Income: If you already have a wig following, then you should promote your wigs. The more people see your wigs being worn, the more they’ll be interested in buying from you. Make sure you aren’t taking photos of other people’s wigs and claiming them as your own.


Become a Youtuber and create content.

Making money on Youtube can be done. You don’t have to rely on Google Ads since you have to reach the 1000 hours of watch time. However you can make money other ways like by offering a service, advertising your own products, sponsored posts, and through affiliate links.

Realistic Income: If you are consistently uploading on Youtube and advertising some high quality items in the process, you could make an extra $500 a month.


Creating printables.

If you have an idea for an item that you can sell digitally only that people could use and print, then you could make some money that way.

Realistic Income: If you promote your items on Etsy and through a website or a blog, you maybe able to make a decent amount of money. I have seen some people make $100 a month while others maybe over a $1000 a month with printables.


Creating website templates.

A lot of bloggers, including myself need website templates to make their websites look nice. Sell the website designs on Etsy and rake in the money.

Realistic Income: If you have an assortment of templates, you could end up making $200+ a month, especially if you have other bloggers refer you.


Taking photos and selling them online.

A variety of websites allow you to upload your photos online and to sell them. Upload your photos to websites like Shutterstock and increase your income.

Realistic Income: From what I have heard, the more photos you upload to these websites the more your income will increase. I remember reading a year ago that one person uploaded 4000+ photos to websites and they make around $600+ a month without having to do anything or even upload.


Write a few books.

If you have a few book ideas, especially helpful ones that can benefit people… then write them up and sell them. There are a variety of places where you can sell ebooks online like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or even Etsy. Post your ebooks and market them.

Realistic Income: Depending on the topic of the book, you could sell a decent amount every month.


Create an online course.

Just like with selling ebooks, you can also create your own online courses and sell those online as well. The more you promote it and market it, the more of chance you’ll increase your earnings.

Realistic Income: I’ve seen people make a ton of money off of running their own online courses. If you have a decent niche, expect to make $200+ a month from it.


Make music.

Do you have a voice for music or do you know how to mix beats? Make music and sell it on itunes. You could also make a extra money by being a DJ at different events. Just put yourself out there.

Realistic Income: A few thousand a year depending on how often you promote yourself and how you promote yourself.


With all of these ideas, make sure that you consistently market these side hustles. Don’t expect to make a consistent amount of money without any promotion.

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creative ways to make money

So those were my list of creative ways to make money ideas. I hope that you guys found these making money ideas helpful.

Let me know what creative ways you make money by leaving a comment down below.