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My First Anime Subscription Box | Lootaku Review

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I have been obsessed with the Lootaku box for about a year or two. I am a watcher of anime subscription unboxings on Youtube and Lootaku has been on my rader for awhile. I purchased the Dragon Ball box for my boyfriend a few months ago for his birthday, but I decided to keep the subscription myself for another month just to see what I would get in this anime subscription box and I was pleasantly surprised by what I received.

Today I wanted to share with you guys what I received in the Lootaku box.

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The Lootaku box is $44.99. Shipping was $14.18 rounding the complete total to being $59.17. So basically this is a $60 anime subscription box which is honestly kind of high for a subscription box, but it is definitely worth it for sure. In a Lootaku box you will receive 4-6 items. Shipping usually takes about a month in a half. So for example the box for this month, you probably won’t get until the end of next month or the month after that since these items ship from Japan. So don’t be surprised if it takes quite a bit of time to receive it. USPS delivered my box an great condition. The box you will receive looks like a crate with the word Lootaku on it and it’s a pretty big size box.

So now that I’ve gotten the cost and shipping info out of the way, let me jump into what I received in my Lootaku box.

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lootaku box

For the month of April, the theme was Overpowered. It showed that Overlord, Death Note, and One Punch Man would be the focus for this box. Every month has a different theme and a hint to the figure that is actually in the box itself.


saitama one punch man

The figure I received was the Banpresto Saitama One Punch Man figure. Season 2 of One Punch Man just came out and I definitely need to rewatch it because I barely remember anything that happened, but I do remember that I absolutely loved Saitama’s character in the show. On Amazon the figure retails for $28.


The next item I received was a One Punch Man shirt that shows my hero number on it which is #23. The quality of the shirt is extremely nice and I love that the shirt is thick. It isn’t flimsy at all. This shirt is probably $25.

one punch man hero ranking


This is the logo that is on the front of the shirt.

anti disaster measures hero association

This is the back logo of the shirt and it’s pretty big.

This Death Note drawstring backpack was also include. There are a few splotches on it, but the bag is made out of a pretty thick fabric. This bag retails for around $9-12 on Amazon.

death note bag


This Death Note notebook was a pretty cool inclusion. It has the rules of the Death Note in it and it has some Japanese writing in it. It retails at around $7. I would honestly probably use this for a cosplay.

death note book


The last item I received was this Limited Edition Lootaku Overlord pin. It’s high quality and pretty heavy. I’ve never seen the show Overlord before, but I would honestly say this retails at maybe $20 in comparison to other pins I’ve seen for anime series.

overlord anime merchandise

In total this box is worth around $90 give or take since I estimated a price on the shirt and the pin. I for sure think that the box is worth the buy. I plan on eventually just keeping the subscription the next time I subscribe since I truly loved this Lootaku box. I definitely think that this is one of the better anime subscription boxes out there.

You can use my Lootaku coupon to receive 5% off your first Lootaku box if you’re interested in buying a Lootaku box today.

So I hope you guys enjoyed my review.

Let me know what other subscription boxes that you think I should try and I just might review them here.


anime subscription box

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