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100+ Unique July Blog Post Ideas

July Blog Post Ideas

Even though it’s June, I like to plan ahead blog posts in advance so that I can be prepared for the months to come. July is usually a month of fun in the Sun and I wanted to share with you guys my July blog post ideas. This is for if you run out of ideas for what you’re going to blog about for the month of July.

So let’s dive right into these July blog post ideas

July Blog Post Ideas

July Is..

Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Discuss how cell phones can be an issue in your personal life and professional life.

Discuss reasons why everyone should give themselves a break from their cellphones from time to time.

Lasagna Awareness Month

Share your favorite lasagna recipe.

Go to a restaurant to try a lasagna and review it.

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Get this Lasagna Makes Me Happy or Garfield Lasagna shirt.

National Anti-Boredom Month

Make a list of things to do when you’re bored.

National Blueberry Month

Review something that has blueberry in it.

Share a recipe featuring blueberries.

National Family Reunion Month

Discuss why you love/dislike family reunions.

Share a list of your favorite foods to eat at family reunions.

Share a recipe for something you bring to your family reunions.

Create a photo journal of your family reunion.

National Hot Dog Month

Share how you make/eat hot dogs.

National Peach Month

Share a Peach recipe.

National Picnic Month

Share a photo journal log on your blog of a picnic day.

Share a recipe of a food you would bring on a picnic.

National Water Gardening Month

Share what plants you have in your garden.

Share some gardening tips.


Days to Blog About in July

Third Monday in July

It’s Global Hug Your Kids Day.

Share why it’s important that you give love to your child.

Last Saturday in July

It’s National Dance Day.

Record a video of yourself dancing and share it.

Share a list of your favorite dance songs.



July Blog Post Ideas


July Blog Post Ideas for days in July

July 1st

It’s American Zoo Day.

Share a day of a trip to the Zoo.

It’s Canada Day.

Share why you love Canada.

It’s International Chicken Wing Day.

Share a chicken wing recipe.

Go to your favorite chicken wing restaurant and share your experience there.

Go to a restaurant and review their wings.

It’s National Financial Freedom Day.

Share the things you’d do/buy if you had financial freedom.

Share your tips for becoming financially free.

It’s National Gingersnap Day.

Share a Gingersnap recipe.

It’s National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day.

Share some creative ice cream flavors.

Create a ice cream flavor or an ice cream by mixing some items together. Share the recipe.

It’s Second Half of the New Year Day.

Share how you’ve been sticking to your New Year’s Goals.

Discuss what has happened to you so far this year.


July 3rd

It’s National Chocolate Wafer Day.

Share recipe that includes chocolate wafers.

It’s National Compliment Your Mirror Day.

Share compliments that you’d tell yourself.

Discuss why it is important to compliment yourself.

It’s National Eat Beans Day.

Share a recipe that includes beans.


July 4th

It’s Alice in Wonderland Day.

Share your love for Alice in Wonderland.

Review the Alice in Wonderland books.

It’s Independence Day.

Share your favorite Fourth of July foods.

Share what you’re wearing on the Fourth of July and how you’re celebrating it.

It’s Independence from Meat Day.

Share a meatless recipe.

It’s National Barbecue Day.

Share your barbecue tips.

Share a barbecue recipe.

It’s National Caesar Salad Day.

Share a recipe for Caesar salad.

It’s National Country Music Day.

Share a list of your favorite Country music songs.


July 5th

It’s Bikini Day.

Share a bikini you bought.

Share a day that involves you wearing a bikini.

(Ideas: Beach Day, Pool Party)

It’s National Apple Turnover Day.

Share an apple turnover recipe.

It’s National Graham Cracker Day.

Share a recipe that involves graham crackers.

It’s National Workaholics Day.

Share why you love your job.

Share “A Day in the Life of (your job title).”

Share how you take breaks and get down time even though you work a lot.


July 6th

It’s National Fried Chicken Day.

Share a recipe or your tips for frying chicken.


July 7th

It’s Chocolate Day.

Share a recipe involving chocolate.

Share a list of your favorite chocolate foods.

Go to a restaurant and review something with chocolate in it.

It’s National Macaroni Day.

Share a recipe that involves macaroni.

It’s National Strawberry Sundae Day.

Share a strawberry sundae recipe.

It’s Tell the Truth Day.

Share the truth about something.

Share the truth about why you blog.


July 8th

It’s Be a Kid Again Day.

Share what you miss about being a kid.

Share a memory from your childhood than you miss.

Share a list of your top 10 movies/shows that you loved watching as a kid.

It’s National Ice Cream Sundae Day.

Share an ice cream sundae recipe.

Share a photo journal of a day getting an ice cream sundae.


July 9th

It’s Fashion Day.

Share your favorite fashion trends.

Share the outfit you’re wearing today.

It’s National No Bra Day.

Share why you love being bra-less.

It’s National Sugar Cookie Day.

Share your favorite sugar cookie recipe.


July 10th

It’s National Pina Colada Day.

Share a Pina Colada recipe.

It’s National Kitten Day.

Share the story of how you got your cat.

Share why you love cats.

It’s Teddy Bear Picnic Day.

Share a photo journal of a picnic day with teddy bears with your child.

It’s Pick Blueberries Day.

Share a photo journal of a day of you picking blueberries.

Share a recipe that includes blueberries.


July 11th

It’s National Slurpee Day.

Share what you did today and how you’re rewarding yourself with a slurpee.

It’s All American Pet Photo Day.

Share a photo of your pet/pets and talk about why you love them.

It’s National Blueberry Muffin Day.

Share a blueberry muffin recipe.

It’s National Swimming Pool Day.

Share a day of you going swimming in a blog post.


July 13th

It’s Embrace Your Geekness Day.

Share how you embrace your geekness or share why others think you’re a geek.

It’s National French Fry Day.

Head to a restaurant and try their french fries.


July 14th

It’s National Mac & Cheese Day.

Share a Mac and Cheese recipe.


July 15th

It’s National Give Something Away Day.

List things that you plan on giving away.

Share why it is important to give.

Run a giveaway for a week and write a blog post about it.


July 16th

It’s National Personal Chef Day.

Share why you would want a personal chef.

It’s National Fresh Spinach Day.

Share a recipe that includes fresh spinach.


July 17th

It’s National Hot Dog Day.

Share a hot dog recipe or the way you eat hot dogs.

It’s National Peach Ice Cream Day.

Share how you eat peach ice cream.

Head over to your favorite peach ice cream place and share it with your readers.

It’s National Tattoo Day.

Show off your tattoos and share why you wanted each one.

Share a list of tattoo ideas that you would want to get.


July 18th

It’s Nelson Mandela International Day.

Share what you love about Nelson Mandela.

It’s Perfect Family Day.

Share your thoughts about your family.

Share a photo journal about a day with your family.


July 20th

It’s International Chess Day.

Share why you love Chess.


July 21st

It’s National Junk Food Day.

Share a list of your favorite junk foods.

It’s National Ice Cream Day.

Make ice cream and share your experience.

Go to your favorite ice cream shop and share your experience.


July 22nd

It’s Summer Leisure Day.

Post a photo journal about your Summer Day.


July 23rd

It’s Gorgeous Grandma Day.

Share stories or a story about your gorgeous grandmother.

It’s National Vanilla Ice Cream Day.

Share a recipe including vanilla ice cream.

Head on over to your local ice cream shop and share your vanilla ice cream experience.


July 24th

It’s National Cousins Day.

Share why you love your cousins.

Share memories including your cousins.

It’s National Drive-Thru Day.

Share a post about your favorite drive-thru food restaurants.

Share a photo journey of whatever you did that day, but it ends with you ordering food at a drive-thru restaurant.


July 25th

It’s National Wine and Cheese Day.

Have a wine and cheese party. Share your experience.

It’s International Red Shoe Day.

Show off your favorite red shoes in an ootd post.

Share a list of red shoes you want to buy.

July 28th

It’s Parents’ Day.

Share a memory involving your parents

Share reasons why you love your parents.

It’s Auntie’s Day.

Share memories about your aunt.

It’s National Hamburger Day.

Share a hamburger recipe.

Review a hamburger at a restaurant.

It’s National Milk Chocolate Day.

Share a recipe that includes milk chocolate.

It’s National Waterpark Day.

Share a photo journal about a day at a waterpark.

Review a waterpark.


July 29th

It’s National Lipstick Day.

Share a list of your top 5 lipsticks.

Share why you love wearing lipstick.

July 30th

It’s Paperback Book Day.

Share a list of your favorite paperback books.

Share a review of a book.

It’s International Day of Friendship.

Share why you love your friends.

It’s National Cheesecake Day.

Share a cheesecake recipe.

Share a review of cheesecake at a restaurant.


July 31st

It’s National Avocado Day.

Share a recipe involving avocado.

It’s National Cotton Candy Day.

Go to a carnival or somewhere that sells cotton candy. Create a photo journal of your day there.

It’s National Mutt Day.

Share a post about your mixed breed dog.




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So that’s all of the July Blog Post Ideas that I came up with for the month of July.

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July Blog Post Ideas


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