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50+ Things to Do in the Summer

things to do in the summer

Summer is almost here which means that it is time to plan somethings to do this Summer. A lot of times you may have absolutely no idea about what to do in the Summer which is why I decided to create this list of things to do in the Summer. I hope that you guys will find this helpful and beneficial when it comes to having an amazing Summer filled with adventure & fun all on a budget.

Explore in the Summer

Take a walk around the city.

Whether it’s a city you live in or a city you don’t, take a walk around the downtown area and explore.

Buy an Entertainment book and save money trying out new things in your city with the coupons in this book. I buy one every year and I always end up saving hundreds of dollars.

Visit a carnival.

Depending on where you live, areas around your town can have carnivals where you can eat elephant ears, ride the Ferris wheel, and play games to win prizes. Have fun with your friends and enjoy a day at the carnival.

Visit an amusement park.

Thinking about going to Six Flags, Disney World, or Universal Studios? Plan a trip to an amusement park.

Visit a water park.

If you know of a water park in a town near you, bring your swimsuit and get wet at a water park.

Take a Summer vacation out of town.

Plan a trip out of town. Whether you’re taking a road trip, flying a plane, taking a bus, or taking a train…. Plan a Summer vacation filled with fun and adventure.

Take a mini vacation to a city that is an hour or two away from your town.

If you don’t have the money to travel too far, stay in an affordable hotel that isn’t too far and have a mini vacation.

Check out a festival in an area near you.

Type in your city (or cities nearby) and the word ‘festival’ on Google. Find a festival to check out. From food festivals to art festivals, enjoy yourself and have a good time.

Go hiking.

Do some research and look for some great places to hike in the area. Put on your hiking shoes. Grab a backpack filled with hiking necessities and go exploring.


Summer Food & Drink

Barbecue a whole bunch of food.

One of things that my mom loves to do is barbecue a whole bunch of food at once for the week. The only thing I have to worry about making is sides. This is a great idea for making somewhat meal preps for some of the weeks in the Summer time.

Eat outside at a restaurant that has a patio setting.

Find a restaurant with a patio setting and eat food outside.

Go out for ice cream or frozen yogurt.

Head to your local Cold Stone Creamery, Dairy Queen, or frozen yogurt place and treat yourself. Don’t forget to look online for coupons before you go or to sign up to their email list to save money and get deals on food.

Make your own ice cream.

Look on Pinterest for some ice cream recipes and make a unique flavor of ice cream.

Make ice cream sandwiches.

Bake some cookies, grab your favorite ice cream, and make some ice cream sandwiches.

Make milkshakes with your favorite ice cream.

Get your favorite ice cream and some milk. Blend it together and make a milkshake.

Make a banana split.

Get some ice cream, a banana, and some ice cream toppings. Put it together and make a banana split.

Make iced tea.

Find a recipe for iced tea and create it.

Make lemonade from scratch.

I’ve always wanted to make lemonade or a different flavor of lemonade. Find a recipe and make a lemonade drink.

Make popsicles.

Buy a popsicle container maker. Pour some juice into the containers with the sticks sticking out and freeze them.

Try a making a new food at a restaurant.

Look up some copycat meals from a restaurant and make it yourself.

Cook a new meal.

Make a meal from a recipe on Pinterest or from a cookbook.

Eat watermelon and honeydew melon.

Watermelon and honeydew melon are Summer food staples for me.

Roast marshmallows and make S’mores.

Enjoy yourself to some delicious homemade S’mores.

Have a potluck dinner with friends/family outside.

Plan a potluck dinner and have your family/friends come over with a food that they made.

Have a picnic in the park.

Make some picnic food and lay a blanket down on the grass. Enjoy yourself with a relaxing picnic at the park.

Summer Activities

Dress up and go dancing at a club.

Find a cute outfit and do some research on Google for a safe club to visit. Dance into the night and have a good time with friends.

Go to the zoo.

Bring a bag filled with snacks. Put on some comfortable shoes and plan a trip to the zoo.

Start a side hustle or a business.

Make money this Summer by coming up with a service or something to sell.

Have a game night.

Host a board game night or a video game night.

Watch the fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Do some research and find out where fireworks are happening in your area.

Go to the beach.

Grab your swimsuit and plan a trip to the beach.

Fly a kite.

Create a kite or buy a kite from Walmart or Dollar Tree. Fly it at the park.

Go swimming.

Find a place with a public pool and go swimming on a hot Summer day.

Go mini golfing.

Google “mini golf near me” and plan a day out mini golfing.

Go camping in your backyard.

Put up a tent, pull out your sleeping bags, and go camping in the backyard.

Go to a drive in movie.

Bring your own snacks and watch a movie outside on the roof of your car.

Have a movie night in the backyard.

Bring out a projector and have it showing the movie against the back of your house or a sheet hanging up. Lay a blanket and pillows on the ground. Make snacks and watch a movie in the backyard.

Have a water gun fight.

Buy some water guns and have a water gun fight.

Have a water balloon fight.

Fill up balloons full of water and have a water balloon fight.

Create something you found on Pinterest that is Summer themed.

Do a search on Pinterest and recreate something that stands out to you.

Paint outside.

Grab some paint, paintbrushes, and paper. If you have an easel, you can set that up too. Start painting whatever you want as you feel the Sun and the Summer breeze against your skin.

Go to the movies and see new Summer releases in theaters.

Any new movies that you want to see? Head to the theater and see the movies everyone will be talking about this Summer.

Ride a bike.

Go for a ride on your bike or go to an area that has bikes available for renting.

Go rollerblading or skateboarding.

Have fun working out and traveling on roller blades or a skate board. If you don’t know how to do it, make that a new thing that you teach yourself this Summer. Make sure that you wear a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads.

Go to the batting cages.

Have fun swinging a baseball bat by heading to the batting cages. It’s extremely fun and exciting.

Play volleyball with friends.

Go to the beach or somewhere that has a volleyball court and play with your friends.

Play baseball with friends.

Plan a baseball game at a park that has a baseball diamond. Make sure you know that it is available for use by Googling it online. Some people have baseball leagues and you don’t want to plan this activity during someone else’s game.

Play touch or flag football.

Setup a game of football with friends/family. Make sure to set the ground rules for whether tackling will be involved or not. You don’t want anyone to get hurt.

Go to a sports event.

Buy some tickets to a baseball game and have fun watching the game.



Free things to do in the Summer

Watch the clouds go by.

Lay a blanket down on the grass and watch the clouds. Use your imagination and share what you see in the sky.

Watch the Sunset.

Experience the Sunset and feel relaxed by watching the Sun go down.

Watch the Sunrise.

If you can wake up early enough watch the beauty of the Sun rising first thing in the morning.

Read a book.

Read a new book or two this Summer. Head to your local library if you want to save money or buy books from Thriftbooks.com. It’s my favorite place to shop for used books. Most of the books on this website are less than $5.

Draw pictures on the ground with chalk.

Come up with different things to draw on the ground and use the chalk to create the drawings.

Dance barefoot on the grass.

Play some of your favorite songs and dance barefoot on the grass in your backyard.

Take a walk around somewhere.

Go window shopping, take a walk in the park, or a mall and enjoy the experience of observation.

Workout outside.

Become a healthier you by working out outside. Whether you want to jog, dance, or jump rope…. do your workout outside and get some fresh air.



things to do in the summer




I hope that you all found this list of things to do in the Summer beneficial and helpful.

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Don’t forget to save money as you have fun this Summer too.





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  1. lavieenmay says:

    Yes, great list! I love water balloon fights. I used to do that when I was a kid, wish I did it more often as an adult!

  2. I’m saving this list for later! We’re on a ROLL with knocking some things off already, but I’d LOVE to make this a goal for my family!

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