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Taking Naps are Ideal for Self Care

taking naps

When I think about it, I really dread the fact that as a kid I denied myself naps. I remember being so curious about everything going on around me and I felt like I would miss anything that happened if I were to take a nap. Alongside of the fact that 6 year old me was required to sleep in an uncomfortable cot surrounded by other children (who were loud). Definitely not an ideal nap place.

As an adult, I have developed an appreciation for naps and I figured I would share with you guys why taking naps can be ideal for self care.


Naps can reboot your mind and help you to focus.

When you take a nap, you give your mind sometime to recharge and collect itself. This great for when you have something that you need to work on and you aren’t exactly sure about the approach that you should be taking to accomplish your goal. After I’ve taken a nap, I always feel my mind become much more clear and able to assess things from a different perspective because I had sometime to catch up on rest.

Naps can improve your performance. 

As I mentioned above, naps can help you gain a more clear insight on things because your mind feels rejuvenated. This can assist within improving your performance. You’ll be able to actively accomplish things more efficiently and effectively. Your focus will be more direct and your mind won’t be scattered. You will be able to get things done in a quicker way without having to overthink the simplistic things because of a lack of sleep. Your performance can greatly improve when you get more rest and naps can be a great way to boost that performance for sure.

Taking naps can make you feel better.

A lot of times people feel overworked and stressed out because of life’s problems. To be honest, many of us feel upset regularly and overwhelmed about life, but it can greatly relate to a lack of sleep. When you’re tired, you become cranky, easily irritated, and you can’t process things from a logical viewpoint. I know I have seen a many of people react in an irritable state because of a lack of sleep. Don’t get me wrong… naps can’t fully help this, but it can help your brain as well as your body operate better. I recommend taking naps when you can and I also recommend getting more rest in general. A lot of people think they have to work day in and day out without sleeping. It’s not healthy and it makes you less effective. Naps can help you out a decent amount, but never allow yourself to not get the rest that you need in order to work more. Think smarter and don’t let your body work harder than it should because you aren’t taking care of it the way that you are supposed to.


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I say this all to say that I greatly enjoy taking naps as an adult. They help me to accomplish more and feel rested. Taking naps improves my mood and makes me feel all around better in life. I believe that everyone should take naps. They’re beneficial to the physical, mental, and emotional state. They’re a necessity in my book and I consider myself to be an advocate for naps. So take a nap today and rejuvenate yourself!



taking naps

(8) Comments

  1. Oh I dream of the day I can have a nap! I have chronic illness and am always tired, but I also have four kids so its not happening!

  2. Anagha says:

    Yes, taking naps can refresh mind. I don’t get much time to sleep. But, whenever I do the tiredness is bit low.

  3. The older I get, the more I see how essential good sleep habits are. Admittedly, I do not usually nap, but when I do, I feel the difference. When I wake up, I have better ideas and more motivation. Like many of us with long days, taking a little break from the world is beneficial. It allows us to start anew on a day already in progress. Thanks for this post!

  4. The only time I nap in the daytime is if I am ill, I never get a chance to but some days I really do feel I need one x

  5. I wish they were more time in the day for naps, they are brilliant and a great refreshment.

  6. Akamatra says:

    Yes naps are so important! Having a toddler I wish I could nap (or sleep at night) more often!

  7. Those are good reasons to take them. I really wish I were better at them. And I am not so sure I always feel so rested afterward. I need to just get better rest in general I think.

  8. Yocana says:

    When my kids nap I also nap sometime when I’m really tired. It really does help me to refocus and not be so stressed throughout the day.

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