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2 Things I Did To Increase My Pinterest Monthly Viewers to 5 Million

If you’re a blogger, you have probably heard about how beneficial Pinterest can be for getting more traffic to your site. If you’re not a blogger, you know how great Pinterest is for finding ideas about a variety of different topics and finding new things that you want to try or even want to buy. Last year I decided to start working on growing my Pinterest following because I kept hearing a lot about how beneficial Pinterest was for bloggers and brands. After sometime I was able to grow my Pinterest following substantially by thousands of followers (currently I have 10k followers, but I started off with under 2k followers almost a year ago) and I was able to grow my monthly impressions to a consistent 5+ million views. I was surprised by how easy it was to do and I figured I would share with you guys how I did it.

So let’s jump into the top 2 things that I did to grow my Pinterest following and impressions.

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Things I Did to Increase My Pinterest Monthly Viewers to 5 Million

The first thing that you should know is that Pinterest is basically a search engine. It’s like Google. It isn’t a regular social media site like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Pinterest is ideal for looking for specific information and with this knowledge in mind, you must understand that you can’t simply post an article or item to publish without the use of keywords which involves SEO. SEO which is also known as search engine optimization is how content is able to be found in Pinterest. You can actively apply SEO by using keywords in the title of a Pin, keywords in the description, keywords in your boards, and even keywords in your photo files that you upload to Pinterest. I discuss it more in 7 Important Things to Help Increase Website Traffic from Pinterest & I even go into detail about the 3 Ways to Find Pinterest Keywords to Increase Your Website Traffic.

You must remember that SEO is number 1 when it comes to growing your Pinterest reach and following.

The second thing that I used in order to grow my Pinterest following and Pinterest impressions was Tailwind. Tailwind is a scheduling app for Pinterest Pins. This means that I can setup a lot of links from my website and even other people’s website to upload to Pinterest at different times of the day without me having to manually do it myself. This means Tailwind can post something for me at 7 PM at night while I’m eating dinner or even at 3 AM in the morning while I’m asleep if I want it to. I also love that Tailwind offers stats on my growth and how effective group boards are as well as how well my boards are doing engagement wise.

Here’s a snapshot of my Pinterest account both before and after my use of strategic SEO techniques as well as my use of Tailwind.

Pinterest Strategy

This is my February 2018 stats before I started applying Tailwind and actively integrating SEO techniques.

Then my stats after a couple of months (August 2018) of using Tailwind and SEO techniques.

pinterest strategy

And these are my stats as of April 2019.

Pinterest Strategy

Another thing that I like about Tailwind is that you can use Tailwind Tribes which is kind of like a Group where other Tailwind users will share your content to post in a group. So for example, each tribe has its own rules. One tribe could say in order to post a Pin that you want shared, you have to post 2 other Pins from the group. So it becomes a constant way to market your content for sure. I just recently started using Tribes this year so I don’t have too much to say about it as far as if it even really affected my Pinterest following. I didn’t really see a change personally, but it could potentially help you out depending on the topic and how active the tribes you join are.

If you’re interested in trying Tailwind, you can try it for free for 30 days using my link. After the 30 days, Tailwind is $15 a month of you can pay the annual fee of $119 for the whole year and get 4 months free instead.

When it comes to any social media site or any search engine, you must understand that it is about steady growth. The more you apply SEO and pin to Pinterest whether manually or through Tailwind, you’ll be able to grow your traffic and your account. When I first started focusing on growing my Pinterest account, I pinned at least 400 times a month. Now I don’t pin nearly as much even though I should to be honest. However you don’t necessarily have to do it the way that I did it, but I noticed that that is what has worked for me and it doesn’t take much time to do with Tailwind or even with enjoying just regularly using Pinterest on a daily basis. When I pinned at least 400 times a month I averaged around 300-400 new followers a month and now my new monthly followers fluctuate based on how active I am on Pinterest. At the lowest, I see 200 new followers a month and I think my highest month was around 650 new followers.

If you follow the 2 guides I listed above that relate to Pinterest then you’ll be able to actively grow your Pinterest following. In my opinion Tailwind in combination with SEO is a must have for growing your traffic, Pinterest following, and even sales on Pinterest if you are a brand and you don’t have a lot of free time on your hands. I recommend using these tips and investing in Tailwind for sure!

I hope that you guys found this to be beneficial. Share it on social media if you found this to be helpful. I’d greatly appreciate it!

I’ll also be posting more Pinterest tips in the future.

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Thanks for reading!

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