5 Cheap Couches to buy for your Home

If you’re like me, you love buying furniture at an affordable price. Furniture can be so expensively priced and with being on a budget, you don’t want to spend a ton of money on one item for your home. Today I decided to do a search for some cheap couches that you can buy. All of them are under $300 which is great considering a lot of sofa’s I’ve seen in stores can be around $500+.

But let me share with you guys the cheap couches and hopefully they’ll fit within your budget!

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cheap couches


This grey couch is really simple, but comfortable. It received four out of five stars on Walmart. You can easily put this in your living room or family room in your home. If you don’t want a grey couch, you can also buy it in the color Sand.





This upholstered apartment sofa has comfy cushions. It’s only $199, but it looks like it could be worth $300+. This couch comes in 4 other colors apart from the Taupe color which is seen in the photo above. If you’re looking for a classy, but sophisticated sofa… then this is the one for you!




cheap couches


This velvet sofa is extremely fancy in my opinion. It will definitely make whatever room it is in appear way more luxurious. It’s currently on sale for $270 and it has an almost five out of five rating on Target’s website. It comes in four other colors apart from the black shown in the photo above.




cheap couches


This vibrant royal blue couch would stand out in any room. It’s around $180 including shipping. It’s received almost four out of five stars. It’s simplistic, but this sofa would be able to fit in practically in home.




cheap couches


This black couch is ideal because it’s practical. It has a built in drink holder which is great for convenience instead of having to reach towards a table. This sofa is $180 and definitely worth the buy.




cheap couches


I hope that you guys enjoyed my top 5 cheap couch picks. These couches are extremely comfortable and affordable for any home. They won’t break the bank for bringing comfort to your home which makes them the ideal couches to own.

Out of these 5 couches, which one would you guy? Let me know by leaving a comment down below!


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