15 Awesome Music Videos I Found on Youtube

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I love whenever I find new music to listen to and new music videos to watch.

Today I wanted to share with you guys some artists that I found this week on Youtube. Most of them I haven’t heard of until this week, but a decent amount of them are my favorites. Check them out!


Tierra Whack is a rapper that I found recently this year.  I appreciate the fact that you can actually understand what she is saying unlike a lot of rappers that come out that mumble. In this video she is a chef rapping and a potato comes to life. I’m not a fan of food being active with eyes and mouths. I don’t know what it is about it, but it’s creepy. I love her rhymes though! If you like weird and unique videos, then you’ll like this.



I am so glad that I found her. Her music is wonderful. It reminds me of something so classic and timeless. I lover her voice.



Little Dicky brought together all of these artists to sing in a song about saving the planet. It’s brilliant!




Her voice gave me tingles all throughout this song. Her vocal changes are wonderful throughout this song.




I found Danileigh last year and I absolutely love her swag. She’s so chill in her videos. Her songs are pretty catchy too. This is a music video for a song she dropped in March.




She is absolutely brilliant. Her rhymes are expressive and they make you really listen as well as think about what she is saying. I just found her today.




I love the way she sounds. Her voice kind of reminds me slightly of a lighter toned Amy Winehouse a bit.




When I listen to this song, I just picture myself sitting and looking out the window, staring at the rain falling.




This artist’s video popped up in my recommendations today and her voice is perfection. This video is sensual and natural. It’s everything!





Anything Jorja Smith, I click. I also like that this song is telling a story.




She is fire! I just added this song to my workout playlist because I know it’ll keep me pumped up. LOL





Anything Dojacat I pretty much love. I’m biased, but I also enjoy that she sounds exactly like her songs when she performs live or on Youtube.





Anything FKA Twigs makes is unique and magical. This song does make me feel kind of sad.. It’s a beautiful song that I could definitely see being played in the background of a scene in a movie or a tv show. I hope to see her gain more popularity and visibility in the future.




I am just seeing this video and finding out who Normani is. She is so talented and I can’t wait to see her truly blow up.





This song just makes me want to sashay around the house while dusting sensually if that’s a thing. LOL I love my girl Solange. She’s always bringing some great music.




So I hope that you guys enjoyed this new music. Let me know which songs were your favorite by leaving a comment down below.

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