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6 Natural Hair Styles to Try in 2019

natural hair styles

I love hopping on Youtube to look for natural hair styles to try.

I usually end up finding a couple of videos of hair styles that I want to try out and I’ll bookmark them for potential use later. (If I’m be honest sometimes I’ll forget that I bookmarked the videos and I’ll end up finding them randomly in life again or I’ll attempt to do the hairstyle myself and I usually end up being unsuccessful in replicating the style, but that’s just my unfortunate life… LOL) Anyway, today I decided that I was going to share with you guys a couple of natural hair styles that I think are extremely cute and would love to try.

The first hair style is a curly afro with the use of perm rods. I’ve only been able to successfully accomplish a perm rod afro once and it was a couple of years ago when my hair was much shorter. I think my issue is that I don’t use either the right products on my hair or enough product on my hair in order for the curls to be defined. It also could just be my 4c hair just not acting correctly. I will most likely still try out some of the products that this Youtuber uses to see if it will work for me.



This second natural hair style is a braid out. I feel like whenever I try to accomplish a braid out it really depends on the products I used for the braid out as well as whether I created a defined part in my hair. Sometimes my braids outs look nice while other times, they look sloppy and I end up putting my hair into a ponytail or wearing a hat or a wig instead. I love the way this Youtuber’s braid out turned out. It’s goals for me!



I tend to stay away from twist outs because they always end up looking poofy with a lack of definition. Again I believe that this is because I don’t use enough product on my hair. When I was a child, my mom used to give me twist outs all the time, but she would do it with rubber bands at the beginning and ends of the twist outs. One day though, I will successfully accomplish a decent twist out as an adult. It’s definitely one of my natural hair style goals.

I also have to mention that I love this Youtuber’s makeup. I need to learn how to properly put on makeup because I still don’t know how to do it where it looks halfway decent.



I would love it if my hair would look like this if I attempted this look. I used to wear my hair like this when I was getting perms/wave nouveaus. Every time I attempted to try this while being natural, it never looked the way that I wanted it to look. I feel like in maybe a year or two I’ll be able to successfully do this with it looking the way that I would like for it to look… or at least I am hoping it will.


This style is so cute! If you have 4c hair like me, you’ll probably need to use a lot of product to get your hair to lay down flat like the Youtuber in the video. If you guys have any recommendations for products that work for laying down 4c hair, leave a comment down below because I’d like to know for myself. I also need to buy some of those jewels for braids. I’ve always wanted some.



I honestly think I might attempt to rock this hair style for majority of the Summer time. It looks simple enough and it doesn’t look to extensive or extreme. I usually rock a similar version to this style, but I have my entire head braided and I put the braids into 2 buns on the top of my head while leaving out two braids on each side in the front. So this style is more my speed for sure.


natural hair styles



So those were 5 natural hair styles that I found on Youtube. I hope you guys enjoyed them and plan on trying some of these out. Let me know which ones you’re thinking about trying out by leaving a comment down below!

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