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11 Awesome First Date Ideas

first date ideas

Thinking of what to do for the perfect first date can be overwhelming.

There are so many different date ideas of things that you could do, but what would be the best perfect first date ideas to try? Today I wanted to share with you guys my Top 11 Perfect First Date Ideas. I thought of these dates based on things that are fun to do and outtings where you can get to know someone to see how well your personalities mix.

Play games at an arcade & eat pizza.

Going to an arcade would make a great first date idea because you would be getting to know what types of games a person gravitates towards and you could even see their competitive side. Within having fun playing games, you would also become more comfortable with asking each other questions and going through the “Getting to know you” stage. After you go around the arcade, you can dive in face first with eating some great pizza and discussing your favorite pizza toppings. You could even have the “Should pineapples go on pizza” debate.

Go bowling during the week when it isn’t crowded.

Bowling is always super fun, especially if you go to a bowling alley that plays some great music in the background. Not only will you bowl, but you’ll be able to dance a bit and sway to the music playing. With bowling, you can easily encourage each other and become more comfortable with each other as you guys see who is the best bowler or see who is the worst bowler. Make sure you check the bowling alley that you plan on going to and see if there are any events going on. You don’t want to plan a date to go bowling during a tournament because you might not have an alley to bowl in.. so plan/call ahead.

Check out a romantic restaurant & take a stroll around the town.

If you’re interested in romancing someone, take them out to a nice restaurant. Google “Romantic restaurants near me” or whatever area you are planning on going to. I would suggest checking out the menu before hand and analyzing the prices just to make sure that they are within your budget. Discuss different topics as you get to know them and after the meal, take a stroll around the area. You may end up coming across a cool vintage store, record shop, or something else that your date maybe interested in.

Go to a karaoke bar.

Personally, I love karaoke even though it does give me a lot of anxiety. Visit a karaoke bar and have fun enjoying the music of amateur performers. Sway to the music, sing yourself, or even laugh at the performances. I would definitely suggest performing sober if you can because you wouldn’t want to be drunk on a first date. Sing solo or perform a duet with your date and have fun.

Visit a festival.

Depending on where you live you maybe able to come across a festival happening in the area. I recommend looking up festivals in your city/state. If you find something that you think your date would like, plan to visit the festival. You’ll be able to walk around and explore while seeing what your date likes, dislikes, and what they’re interested in.

Go to a carnival.

If you know that there is a carnival coming up or if you know that there is one in the area, plan a date to a carnival. Go on some of the rides. Play some games and win stuffed animals for your date. Stuff your face with corn dogs and elephant ears. It’ll be fun!

Set a date at a restaurant you want to try.

If you have a restaurant that you are interested in trying, make a date for that restaurant. Make sure to check out the reviews on Google or Yelp. During conversation, you two can discuss what types of foods you like and what looks interesting on the menu.

If you know something they’re interested in, plan a date around it.

When you pay attention to someone you’re dating and you know something that they’re interested in, it would be great to plan a date around that idea because it’ll show that you’re thoughtful.


If you’re dating someone who loves reading, take them to a bookstore and buy them a book.

If you’re dating someone that loves anime, take them to an anime store or a convention.

If you’re dating someone who loves sea creatures, take them to the aquarium.

If you’re dating someone who loves ice cream, take them to an ice cream parlor with unique flavors.

Eat authentic Mexican food and go salsa dancing.

Look up Mexican restaurants in the area and check out their menu. Examine the variety of Mexican foods and see if the restaurant has a dancing area within this restaurant. If you can find a restaurant with a place for dancing, do a search on Google for a salsa club and take them salsa dancing. Dance with your date the whole night or maybe a few hours.

Go to a museum.

A museum is a great place to go on a date. You can go to an art museum, science museum, or even a historical museum. I would suggest going to an art museum or a science museum because they’re more engaging in my opinion. I personally feel like you can tell a lot about a person from the way they behave in a museum. Some people will focus on admiring the art while others may share interpretations of the art in a hilarious way. You can tell whether someone is more so serious and classy or more playful in this setting.

Try authentic ramen.

Almost everyone has had ramen noodles from the pack before, but have you had authentic ramen noodles? Do a search on Google for ramen restaurants near you and check one out with your date. Also make sure to get appetizers. Every place that I’ve been to that has had authentic ramen had some of the most delicious appetizers.

Also if you want to save some money, I recommend using Groupon on your dates if you don’t mind showing your date that you like to save money.


first date ideas

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So those are my Top 11 Perfect First Date Ideas!

Let me know which ones you are planning on trying by leaving a comment down below.

Also if you have any other awesome first date ideas, share those with me too!

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