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I went shopping on Zulily for Power Rangers & Harry Potter merch!

Zulily Review
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I’ve been wanting to review Zulily for awhile.

Zulily is a website where they have flash sales that lasts about 2 or 3 days. You can find a variety of different things on this website from clothes (for men, women, and children) to furniture to beauty products to food. You can find all types of items on sale on Zulily. I have purchased from the website once before, but I want to actually chronicle my experience on my blog so that you guys can get the whole experience of shopping on Zulily.

So here’s my review of Zulily!

I decided to buy 2 Harry Potter notebooks; a Slytherin notebook and a Hufflepuff notebook.

(Whenever I take the sorting hat quizzes, I always get Slytherin.. but I choose the Hufflepuff life.)

I also bought some Yellow Power Ranger socks too.

How long does Zulily shipping take?

I made the purchase for the items on February 27th. I used Paypal to pay for my items. Again, always use Paypal to keep yourself protected in case something goes wrong with your package being shipped to you. Shipping was $7.99 and they shipped through UPS, but then transferred my package over to USPS. The delivery date said that I could expect my delivery by March 15th. I received my package on March 14th so I am glad that the delivery did reach me before the time it was expected, but I did not like that I paid $7.99 for shipping for my items to be sent to me in 15 days. I honestly feel like Zulily shipping time should be faster, but at the very least… I did receive the items I purchased.

So now let’s jump into this review of Zulily!

Zulily Review

As I mentioned before, I purchased 2 Harry Potter notebooks and some Power Ranger socks.

I loved that the Harry Potter merchandise was wrapped neatly and I love the detail on the socks. I feel like I could definitely find these items or similar items at Hot Topic or a store like Spencer’s for sure, but probably a few dollars more.

I paid $9.99 for the Hufflepuff Ruled Notebook.

I paid $11.99 for the Slytherin journal.

Zulily Review

I paid $6.29 for the Yellow Power Ranger socks. I really love how thick the socks are too.

Zulily also sent me a bonus item which involved some gummy bears and a coupon for the gummy bears. We can assume that this was an opportunity for promoting a product.

My boyfriend ate the gummy bears and he buys this brand regularly… So no complaints there.

Would I buy from Zulily again in the future?

Overall, I did love my purchases. I just wish that Zulily shipping didn’t take so long. I feel like the Zulily shipping time should be much shorter considering shipping was basically $8.

I definitely want to buy some of the Disney items when they have Disney sales and even some of the shoes. I’ve purchased about 4 pairs of shoes from Zulily in the past and I absolutely love them. So I’ll most likely be purchasing more from them and potentially clothes as well.

I also want to mention that Zulily would probably be the ideal place to buy gifts in advance. I have had so many gift ideas by looking through some of the items on sale at Zulily and I would definitely recommend shopping here if you’re just looking for something random or if you don’t have any gift ideas or if you’re just looking to buy a gift for someone.


Zulily Review


So thank you for reading my review of Zulily!

I hope that you all found this informative and helpful if you were thinking about purchasing from Zulily.

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Zulily Review


Thanks for reading!

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