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7 Important Things to Help Increase Website Traffic from Pinterest

how to get traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest is great for increasing website traffic.

I know for me it is currently my #1 social media referral for traffic. I am so upset with myself for not using Pinterest sooner to gain traffic when I first started blogging a couple of years ago because it is definitely one of the best tools for any blogger or website owner to have. I’ve learned that with Pinterest you can get thousands of views on a monthly basis to your website and potentially even increase income from things you are selling on your website if you’re actively using it.

So firstly, I have to mention that the number one thing that you need to know is that SEO aka Search Engine Optimization is important when it comes to getting traffic on Pinterest. Keywords are a necessity if you want more people to see your Pin images and potentially check out your blog. I wrote a blog post recently on my Top 3 Ways to Find Pinterest Keywords which you guys can check out if you need help with finding potential keywords, but it’s time for me to help you learn how to get traffic from Pinterest. Let’s jump into the 7 most important things to do to get traffic from Pinterest.

This blog post contains affiliate links, see disclaimer.

Add a keyword description to your Profile’s description.

It is important to have keywords in your profile mainly because the chances of your pin images as well as your profile can come up for certain searches. For example let’s say you’re a food blogger. It would be ideal to mention in your Pinterest profile that you’re a “food blogger that loves food and creating healthy recipes.” The keywords “food blogger” and “healthy recipes” are keywords that receive over 5 million searches monthly and writing this in your Profile bio can potentially help with getting your Pins seen on Pinterest.

I also have to mention that even adding the keyword “food blogger” to your actual name if you’re a food blogger helps.. like the way I have my Pinterest account name setup where it shows that I am a “Lifestyle Blogger” can also help increase your chances of being seen if someone is looking for a particular niche of bloggers to follow.


pinterest business account


So I personally like to switch up my profile description depending on the topics I plan on talking about for the next few months. You don’t have to do this, but this is just personally what I do because I want to see if it affects anything. I would suggest keeping the keywords in your profile description the same though if you want consistent results.

Add keywords to your board description.

When I first started using Pinterest a few years ago, I didn’t bother to create descriptions for my board which cost me a lot of traffic. Make sure to add keywords to your board descriptions. Here’s an example of some of the keywords I came up with for my Toddler Clothes Pinterest board.


pinterest boards

I try to use a variety of keywords based on the title of the Pinterest board. (You’re going to want to make sure that the board’s title is also a keyword that receives a lot of monthly searches on Pinterest too.)

Top 3 Ways to Find Pinterest Keywords

Create long, vertical, high quality images for your url links.

Horizontal images usually don’t look clickable on Pinterest’s platform. They’re extremely tiny and they aren’t captivating at all. I know I personally overlook them… even before I knew all of this information about Pinterest, I didn’t pay those images any attention because they were not visually appealing. (However, I do have to mention that I have clicked on horizontal photography flatlay photos, but that’s a bit different.) So make sure that your images are a decent length. Make sure the image is high quality without horrible lighting and add some keywords to the pin image to spice it up. This is important for grabbing people’s attention. Remember, you want to get potential viewers or buyers of whatever you are selling to click the image that links to your website. Think about what types of photos would intrigue you or what types of photos have made you interested in repinning or clicking through to the Pin owner’s website. Keep those pin images in mind when creating your own pins.

Pinterest boards

I want to also mention that I usually create at least 4 images per blog post to get traffic to a blog post consistently. Creating one image usually isn’t enough to get a ton of traffic from my experience. It’s good to have multiple images to share on Pinterest and to promote on there because it will help you to see what type of images do well for the blog post and it will get the word out about your blog. I know for me if I create a blog post and if it’s something that I want to get a LOT of traffic to, I’ll create even more Pinterest images for it.

Add keywords to your pin’s description.

Keywords in the Pin’s description is extremely important. You need to have keywords in order for Pinterest to evaluate what it is that you are sharing and where it should come up when people are actively scrolling on the platform. If you’re trying to target a specific audience that is searching for something in particular then it would be best to add keywords in a natural way. Try not to keywords stuff because Pinterest frowns upon that. I’ll use an example, so let’s say you’re sharing a roundup blog post that you created of 50 crockpot healthy recipe. You could say something like,

“Are you looking for crockpot recipes that are healthy? Check out these 50 healthy crockpot recipes that you can make. They are easy meals that don’t require much effort so try some of them out this week! #crockpotrecipes #healthycrockpotrecipes #easymeals

I used 3 keyword phrases that can assist within helping this pin image to be found. Also keep in mind to add your Pins to the boards in which it relates to. So for this Pin image you could post it to a “crockpot recipes”, “crockpot”, “healthy recipes”, and a “easy meals board. I would suggest pinning the same pin image overtime to multiple boards. I usually post the same pin image to a board 1-2 times a week until it has been pinned to every board. You want to make sure not to spam your boards with the same Pin all at once. Pinterest frowns at this and it can potentially get your page suspended.

Use hashtags.

Pinterest has started using hashtags to help you rank for keywords. So you can add a few relevant keywords if you like. I usually use around 2-3 keywords/keyword phrases personally.

Join Tailwind to help keep your Pinterest account active.

Tailwind is personally my favorite way to pin to Pinterest without actually being on Pinterest. It is definitely a set it and forget it type of social media scheduler. So if you don’t like getting on Pinterest manually on a regular basis then you can use Tailwind so that you can be consistently active. I know for me Tailwind helped me grow my Pinterest following by thousands with adding pins to my Tailwind scheduler queue. I went from 1500 followers to 9000 followers within about 7 months of me actually using Tailwind. It also increased my Pinterest audience to 5+ million monthly visitors as well which can be great for getting brands to work with me on Pinterest. It’s even great for seeing stats on your growth and how many repins/followers your boards are getting (even group boards) as well as how well your pins are doing that you have shared from Tailwind which is great!

You can join Tailwind for free for 30 days by signing up here if you’re interested in trying it out.

tailwind pinterest

I have to mention that I still manually pin images to Pinterest. I always manually pin my own images with my blog url links. I also manually pin other Pinterest users’ images regularly as well. I think it’s good to have a mixture of scheduled pins and manually added pins.

Join Pinterest group boards and Tailwind Tribes to share your Pins to for more visibility.

Having a community of people who will share your content while you share theirs as well as find new content to read is great. By joining Pinterest group boards and Tailwind Tribes, you can find specific communities that focus on networking your content for you while you network other people’s content as well. It increases the potential for your pins to grow viral which is ideal for getting more traffic.

Join Pinterest group boards by using Pingroupie. You can find a lot of boards in different subjects that you can join in and contribute to. Just follow the guidelines of how you can join or simply message the group board owner.

Join Tailwind Tribes by doing a search on Tailwind for a specific keyword in the Tailwind Tribes section and join whichever 5 you think will benefit you. You can join more than five if you pay more money, but if you have a basic package like me then join the 5 that you see are extremely active. For example, if you are a food blogger.. It would be good to join tribes that are active in food or recipes.

I personally like to switch up on which 5 Tailwind Tribes I am apart of if I don’t see huge results. I plan on paying for more Tribe availability in the future and I’ll give you guys an update on my experience in the future as well.

how to get traffic from Pinterest

I hope this helped you guys learn how to get traffic from Pinterest. Pinterest isn’t your average social media platform. It works similar to Google’s search engine where it can take sometime for your images to spread around on Pinterest, but once they are out there… They can definitely keep the traffic coming in on a monthly basis which is what I absolutely love about Pinterest. Sometimes you can create a really awesome Pin image. Then just set it and forget it as you watch the traffic roll on into your website which is why you should consistently be active on Pinterest… Sharing other people’s Pin images while sharing your own so you can grow your audience.

Try to keep these tips in mind when using Pinterest and you can definitely increase your website traffic.

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And please share this on social media if you found it helpful too! Thanks in advance!

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  1. These are amazing tips, amazing! Thank you so much, I am gonna implement these tips for sure.

  2. Thank you so much for these tips. VERTICAL photos! I see so many square or horizontal Pins out there. Don’t do it! Vertical is king.

  3. Erin says:

    These are great tips! And keywords are certainly key! Thank you for sharing your insight.

  4. I heard so much about pinterest and so I finally create an account and started posting in pinterest. I hope to gain more traffic on my website.

  5. Awesome! I’m glad you liked them! The more you keep up with it… you’ll definitely see results overtime.

  6. YES!! I see so many as well and I can’t help, but scroll past them and ignore them. Vertical pins look so much better and much more professional on Pinterest’s platform for sure. Thanks for reading!

  7. Yes! Keywords are so important when it comes to get more visibility and traffic. Thanks for reading!

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  11. Tailwind tribes can definitely be beneficial. I just started using them about 2 months ago and I’ve noticed my traffic increase quite a bit.

  12. I feel like Pinterest goes through different changes every couple of months which can make it act weird, but after awhile it returns back to normal with traffic. You just have to be consistent with uploading Pin images from your own website for sure. Thanks for reading!

  13. You’re welcome and thanks for reading! ^_^

  14. John Mulindi says:

    You have some useful tips here for those who use Pinterest to market their sites. There is so much to learn from this. Thanks.

  15. I love tips like this! Pinterest has been an awesome source of traffic for me.

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  19. Catherine Santiago Jose says:

    These are great and helpful tips. I agree with you that using “keywords or hashstag” will help you increase your website traffic using Pinterest. I will definitely share this with my bloggers friends.

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    Such a great and very informative post. This can be very useful for my Pinterest account. This is what I actually needed.

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    These tips are awesome! Pinterest can be a hard world to navigate for some, me included!

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  29. It can be hard to keep up with at first, but eventually it gets easier to use Pinterest overtime. Tailwind is probably my number one tool that I use on a regular basis. You can always manually pin if you don’t want to use Tailwind, but it does make things much easier. It’s definitely a set it and forget tool for sure.

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  33. You should definitely make one! You’ll be able to grow your traffic substantially with using Pinterest.

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