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3 Ways to Find Pinterest Keywords to Increase Your Website Traffic | Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest is my favorite social media website for getting traffic to my blog. On my other website I am bringing in around 10,000+ views a month from a lot of pins that I have created on Pinterest. If you want your website or product to be found on Pinterest, it is important that you use SEO (Search engine optimization) and that you use Pinterest keywords. Keywords are specific words that are usually searched by a lot of people. Keywords are used when it comes to ranking high in the Google search engine for a specific word that you search and the same goes for Pinterest. So today I am going to share with you all my favorite ways to find Pinterest keywords.

3 Ways to Find Pinterest Keywords

Pinterest Search Bar

The Pinterest search bar can be extremely helpful when it comes to finding keywords to use within your Pinterest board descriptions and your Pinterest pin descriptions. Once you start typing in a word, Pinterest will begin to show you different keyword phrases that are searched and they reveal them to you as somewhat of a recommendation which can be beneficial to you.

For example, let’s say I am looking for keywords related to “chicken recipes”…

When I type in “chicken recipes” into the search bar, the most popular keywords come up for it.

Pinterest keywords

& here is a zoom in of the keywords that came up for “Chicken recipes…”

Pinterest Keywords


“chicken recipes easy” which can be changed to —> easy chicken recipes

“chicken recipes for dinner”

“chicken recipes casserole” –> casserole chicken recipes

“chicken recipes easy baked” –> easy baked chicken recipes

“chicken recipes easy healthy” –> easy healthy chicken recipes

So these could potentially be some of the keywords you choose from when creating your pins for Pinterest or you could even make Pinterest boards focused around some of these topics too.

You could also enter “chicken recipes” or any other keyword into the search engine and have other recommendations for keywords this way too.


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Pinterest Keywords

These words could be linked with “chicken recipes” and turn into even more keywords to use for your Pinterest pins or even a blog post idea.


Use the keywords search bar in Pinterest Ads.

So even if you don’t plan on buying a Pinterest ad yourself, the Pinterest Ads section is my number one helpful tool for finding Pinterest keywords for helping my pins to be found on Pinterest. Let me show you how to find it..

You are going to click on Ads in the upper left hand corner & in the drop down bar you are going to click “Overview.”

After that you are going to click “View All” in the Awareness campaigns section.

Then you will click the words “Create campaign.”


You will be taken to the “Set up your campaign page” and all you’ll have to do is click on the word “continue” in the red box.



The “Add more detail” page will come up and as you scroll down you’ll eventually reach the keywords section which is where you can search your keywords with ease.

Just type in a word or two and start searching away through recommendations of potential words to use for your pin images.

Pinterest keywords

You can find an assortment of keywords to use for your Pinterest pins. I usually try to use around 3-4 keywords within my pin description when I share pins on Pinterest.

You can also download the Keywords Everywhere toolbar plugin.

I absolutely love this tool for finding keywords for my blog and seeing how they rank on Google, but you can also use it for searching potential keyword ideas for Pinterest. The Keywords Everywhere tool can be used to find the monthly volume search for a specific keyword as well as how hard it would be to rank for the keyword and the cost of ads that run for keywords per 1000 views.

Pinterest keywords


Download the Keywords Everywhere tool here.

Pinterest Strategy

So those are my two favorite ways to find Pinterest keywords to help my pin images be found on Pinterest.

I recommend you guys try them out and write full sentences when using the keywords. In reference to the example of chicken recipes, you could say something like…
“I absolutely love creating healthy chicken recipes. Here is a roundup post of some of my favorite baked chicken recipes. Try them out and share with me your favorite easy chicken recipes in the comment section.”

This is just something I thought of fairly quickly to write to use in the Pinterest pin description. Of course, I would only recommend saying this if you’re actually creating a roundup post of chicken recipes, but you get my drift.

Also don’t forget to use hashtags within the pin description. I use at least 3 hashtags when I share a pin image to Pinterest personally.

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But I hope you guys found this blog post to be helpful within finding Pinterest keywords!

Share this blog post with others on Pinterest and other social media websites too!

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