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100+ Awesome May Blog Post Ideas

May Blog Post Ideas

May is one of my favorite months of the year. The flowers look gorgeous. The temperature is just right where it isn’t extremely hot or cold. Everything is pretty much perfect in nature for me. Anyway, today I wanted to share with you guys some May blog post ideas. If you’re a blogger, you might be having trouble coming up with blog post ideas for the month of may so I decided to come up with a lot of unique ideas that you can use so you can plan ahead. So check out these blog post ideas!

May Blog Post Ideas

May Is…

Get Caught Reading Month

  • Make a list of books that you want to read this Summer.
  • Write a book review.
  • Make a list of the top 5 books you’ve read over and over again.
  • Make a list of Must Read Books that everyone should read.

Mental Health Month

  • Talk about why mental health is important.
  • Share some tips about what you do to take care of your mental health.

National Barbecue Month

  • Share a barbecue recipe.
  • Write about how you threw a barbecue party with your family and friends.

National Hamburger Month

  • Share a hamburger recipe.
  • Go to your favorite hamburger restaurant & take photos. Also take a photo of the outfit you wore.

National Mediterranean Diet Month

  • Share a Mediterranean recipe.
  • Share your experience of going on a Mediterranean diet.
  • Share a list of your favorite Mediterranean foods.

National Photography Month

  • Share your photography tips.
  • For every week of May, post photos that show what you did that week.

National Salad Month

  • Share a recipe for your favorite salad.
  • Try to eat a salad everyday for a week and write about your experience.

National Salsa Month

  • Share a recipe for salsa.
  • Go to a restaurant that serves the best salsa and talk about your experience at that restaurant as well as the food you ate.

Small Business Month

  • Feature a small business in your area every week on your blog.
  • Feature a list of small businesses that you recommend.
  • Interview someone with a small business.
  • Share your thoughts on why we should purchase from Small businesses.


First full week of May – Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Share a memory/memories of teachers from elementary, middle school, and high school.
  • Share a list of gift ideas for teachers.

Days to Blog About in May

First Saturday in May – Comic Book Day

  • Share a list of some of your favorite comic book series.
  • Go to a Comic Book store and share a comic book haul.

First Saturday in May – Pilates Day

  • Try Pilates and write about your experience.
  • Share a list of your favorite Pilates videos.

First Sunday in May – Lemonade Day

  • Share a recipe for lemonade.

Second Sunday in May – Mother’s Day

  • Share a post about your mom.
  • Share a post about what you’re doing for Mother’s Day.
  • Do a DIY post for a Mother’s Day gift.
  • Write (in advance) a list of gift ideas for Mother’s Day and post it the first day of May.

Monday of the second full week of May – National Women’s Check Up Day

  • Share why it is important for women to get regular check ups.


May Blog Post Ideas


May Blog Post Ideas for days of May

May 1st – It’s National Concert Day.

  • Discuss your first concert experience.
  • Write about 5 concerts you’d love to  experience.
  • Create a concert outfit.

May 1st – It’s National Chocolate Parfait Day.

  • Share a chocolate parfait recipe.
  • Go to a restaurant that serves chocolate parfaits and review it. (Share your outfit too).

May 1st – It’s New Homeowners Day

  • Share any new homeowners tips that you may have.
  • Share some tips for buying a house.

May 1st – It’s Global Love Day

  • Share some tips on how to love others.

May 2nd – It’s Brothers and Sisters Day.

  • Share some memories that you have of your brother or sister.
  • Share a list of the things you love about your brother or sister.

May 3rd – It’s National Day of Prayer.

  • Share a prayer that you like to say.

May 3rd – It’s Paranormal Day

  • Share a story of a paranormal situation.
  • Share a list of paranormal movies you’ve seen.

May 4th – It’s Anti-Bullying Day.

  • Share your thoughts about bullying.

May 4th – It’s National Kids Fitness Day.

  • Share how you get your kids up and moving.

May 4th – No Pants Day

  • Share a no pants day outfit.
  • Share what you do on a day where you wear no pants.

May 4th – Star Wars Day

  • Share why you love Start Wars.
  • Share a list of your favorite Star Wars movies from Best to Worst or Worst to Best.

May 5th – It’s Cartoonist Day.

  • Share a list of your favorite cartoons.

May 5th – Cinco de Mayo

  • Share your thoughts on Cinco de Mayo and why you celebrate it.

May 5th – National Hoagie Day

  • Share a hoagie recipe.
  • Go to a restaurant and review one of their hoagie sandwiches.

May 5th – National Scrapbooking Day.

  • Start a scrapbook and show what’s inside.
  • Create a DIY scrapbook post.
  • Share a list of your favorite scapbooking materials.

Make Money Tip: Link affiliate links to the items so you can make money if someone makes a purchase.

May 5th – Totally Chipotle Day

  • Share a recipe involving chipotle.
  • Go to Chipotle and share what you bought from there.

May 6th – International No Diet Day.

  • Share a list of your favorite junk food.
  • Share what you plan on eating on your Cheat Day of your diet.

May 6th – Beverage Day

  • Share a drink recipe.

May 8th – National Have A Coke Day.

  • Have a coke and create an ootd post with it.

May 9th – It’s National Receptionists’ Day.

  • Share why it’s hard being a receptionist.
  • Share why you love being a receptionist.

May 10th – It’s National Shrimp Day.

  • Go to a restaurant and try out something with shrimp. Review it on your blog.
  • Share a recipe with shrimp as an ingredient.

May 10th – National Small Business Day.

  • Use the blog post ideas from the Small Business Month category above….

May 11th – It’s Hostess Cupcake Day.

  • Share why you love Hostess cupcakes.

May 13th – World Cocktail Day.

  • Share a recipe of your favorite cocktail.

May 15th – National Chocolate Chip Day

  • Create a recipe involving chocolate chips.

May 15th – International Day of Families

  • Make a list of things you like to do with your family.
  • Write a blog post about something fun you did with your family recently.
  • Write about why family is so important to you.

May 15th – Nylon Stockings Day

  • Share an outfit that involves nylon stockings.

May 16th – National Wear purple for Peace Day.

  • Wear an outfit that has purple in it.

May 16th – National Piercing Day

  • Share a blog post detailing your piercings. Share the where, when, and even why you got a piercing.

May 16th – Love a Tree Day

  • Take a photo of your favorite tree or memories you have with a tree from your childhood. Share why it’s so special to you.
  • Have a picnic by your favorite tree.

May 18th – I Love Reese’s Day.

  • Rank your favorite Reese’s branded candies.
  • Share a Reese’s themed outfit.

May 18th – International Museum Day

  • Share a list of your top 5 museums in the city or state where you live.
  • Share a list of museums that you’d love to visit.
  • Go to a museum and share a blog post about your day at the museum.

May 18th – International Virtual Assistants Day

  • Share why you love having a virtual assistant if you have one.
  • Share your experience of being a virtual assistant.
  • Give a shout out to virtual assistants that you recommend.

May 18th – National Pizza Party Day

  • Throw a pizza party and write a blog post about it.
  • Share a recipe for homemade pizza.
  • Review pizza at a restaurant.

May 19th – National Devil’s Food Cake Day

  • Share a Devil’s Food Cake recipe.

May 20th – Be a Millionaire Day.

  • Make a list of what you would do if you were a millionaire.
  • Make a list of things you would buy if you were a millionaire.

May 20th – Flower Day

  • Go to the florist and buy some flowers. Create an ootd post featuring the flowers.
  • Share a post about the flowers that you have in your garden or around your home.

May 20th – Pick Strawberries Day

  • Go on an adventure where you pick strawberries…. Then write about it.
  • Create a recipe with strawberries as an ingredient.

May 20th – World Baking Day

  • Make a roundup post of your favorite things that you enjoy baking.
  • Create a recipe that requires baking and share it with your readers.

May 21st – It’s National Waiters and Waitresses Day.

  • Share your experience of being a waiter or waitress.
  • Share your thoughts on why people should value waiters/waitresses and why they should tip them.

May 22nd – It’s World Goth Day.

  • Share why you love or celebrate Goth Day.
  • Share a list of your favorite Goth themed music.
  • Share a goth makeup look.
  • Share a goth themed outfit.

May 28th – International Hamburger Day.

  • Review a hamburger at a restaurant.
  • Share a hamburger recipe.

May 29th – It’s National Biscuit Day.

  • Share a recipe for biscuits.
  • Share how you eat biscuits by writing a post about it. (Share your outfit too).

May 30th – It’s National Creativity Day.

  • Share a DIY roundup post of DIY projects you want to try or that you have tried.
  • Create a DIY post of something that your readers can create.

May 31st – It’s National Meditation Day.

  • Share how you meditate. Share your meditation process.
  • Share your tips for meditation.
  • Share a list of why meditation is beneficial.

May 31st – It’s National Smile Day.

  • Make a list of the things that made you smile this month.
  • Share a list of how you make others smile.



So that’s all of the May Blog Post Ideas that I came up with for the month of May.

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May Blog Post Ideas


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