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Is College Worth It | Top 10 Benefits of a College Degree

When it comes to deciding on whether to go to college, a lot of us may ask ourselves “Is college worth it?” We start to wonder what the benefits of a college degree really are. I know I asked myself this a multiple of times right before college and even during my experience of going to college online. Today I wanted to share with you guys the top 10 benefits of a college degree.


1. You may make more money.

Sometimes jobs will pay you more if you have a degree in a field where you don’t necessarily need a degree. Although I haven’t seen it happen a lot… it can happen depending on the degree you have and the job you apply to.

2. You’ll be considered for positions that require a degree.

The job market will expand a lot more to you since a ton of jobs require a degree even if it is for something that doesn’t necessarily apply. A lot of times businesses just want their employees to have a degree because it shows that you stuck with something and completed it.

3. Many people view those with a degree in a positive light.

I know this for a fact that professionals tend to view those with a degree more positive. Of course this is extremely judgmental and people shouldn’t do that, but it is something that occurs a lot.

4. The degree shows that you can complete something.

As I mentioned before in number 2, a degree shows that you are determined enough to complete something. It shows that you chose to acquire as well as work towards something after high school.

5. It also shows that you can follow directions.

In college, you end up having to follow a lot of directions for a ton of different things involving a lot of book work and group projects. Many employers view degrees as proof that you can follow rules which is why they might prefer their employees to have degrees. It gives them more confidence that you can follow directions without them having to hold your hand along the way.

6. Graduating from your college opens opportunities to their job board.

If you don’t know, when you graduate from college you have access to jobs on their job board. These are jobs that might not be shown to the public or they maybe posted from previous alumni who are in need of employees. This is probably one of the best perks of graduating from college, but you have to check the job board regularly to see if something in your field is available.

7. Some businesses may view your having a degree better than someone who doesn’t have one even if the job you applied for doesn’t require it.

Sometimes employers will choose a person with a degree over someone who doesn’t have one. This is just a possibility unfortunately, They sometimes can view degree holders on a pedestal.

8. Opportunity for a potentially better lifestyle.

Most of the time with a bachelor’s degree you do end up making more money than someone who graduated from high school and didn’t go to college. This means that you will have more money for your life. There will be more money for better cars, food, a new house, travel, and just living a better lifestyle. You’ll potentially have more stability and more opportunities.

9. You can get more job references.

So this is mainly from the experience of making actual connections in college (which I suppose you don’t necessarily have to graduate with the degree to obtain these references). Of course to be honest, one of the main reasons to go to college is to learn how to socialize and to build bonds. Many of these bonds can be used as resources later in life if you need a job. I have seen some people get most of their jobs through people they met in college. Let’s be real too… when it comes to getting some jobs, it is about who you know and not actually what you know. Try to connect with other people in not only a buddy manner, but also a professional manner. Even make connections with professors. It could prove to be beneficial in the future.

10. Job security (although this can be debatable)

When you have a degree, this means you are able to get a job. Of course to be honest, the job field can be competitive so it would be ideal to get a degree in something that has a lot of job opportunities. It also depends on where you live as well.

Check out the Occupational Outlook for a multiple of jobs here.

In my opinion, it is more so about the experience of what type of job you want as well the field that you are going into with your degree. College can be important for a lot of businesses, but a lot of times having experience is the most important need. While you’re in college, you should be networking with your teachers in the subject that you are focused on and you should be aiming to gain some sort of experience that can benefit you along with acquiring your degree.

College can be worth it and there are a lot of benefits to a college degree, but only go to college if you have a plan about what it is that you would like to do.


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is college worth it


So I hope you all enjoyed these Top 10 Benefits of a College Degree.

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  1. Here in PH, its a privilege. Not all have the opportunity so we take advantage of it really. For you future. So yes, it is worth it.

  2. I teach in college so I’d say yes provided you know the cost and the benefit you could get from the course you plan to take and that you actually intend to use it after you graduate.

  3. I would say that a college degree really matters. It also is an amazing learning experience with friends.

  4. I do think there are opportunities for everyone out there. But I am grateful for my degrees. With the screening process being automated, I’ve found that without a degree I wouldn’t even be eligible for many positions.

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