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January Blog Report | What I did in January and My Goals for February

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Hey guys! It’s time for a monthly check in with a blog report log. So I decided to change my income report series to a blog report series. I figured that I would do income reports once I start actually making money online with this website. The only way I am currently making money with this website is strictly from Google Adsense since I finally installed it in January. I only made around 40 cents though so that wasn’t much, but it was something. Anyways let’s jump into what I did in January with my blog.

This post does contain affiliate links. See disclaimer here.

Things I did and learned in January

I wrote 11 times on my blog.

I am so proud of myself for updating my blog consistently. It really does help to have a content schedule and to have somewhat of an idea of what you’re going to write about.

I applied for Magiclinks and Shopstyle affiliate programs.

I am currently using Magiclinks on Pinterest to increase online income. It’s great that I can actually use affiliate links directly on Pinterest. I haven’t made any sales yet, but I am hoping to see something within the next month or so. I haven’t heard anything back from Shopstyle’s affiliate program yet, but hopefully I’ll get in.

I added social media buttons to my website.

I finally downloaded a plugin and I have share buttons now which makes it so much easier for people to share my content.

I have a Page Authority of 8 & a Domain Authority of 6 .

I decided to search for my PA and DA on January 18, 2018. I think those numbers are decent for the first 3 months of starting this website. I’ll check it again in 3 more months.

I bought hosting for my website and switched from to

I am so excited about this. I finally took the big leap and I am self-hosted! The process was stressful at first, but a few people helped me out on Siteground and helped me make the transition. I definitely recommend buying hosting from them. Their customer service is amazing. They helped me early on a Saturday morning setup my blog and now everything is running great. If you’re interested in being self-hosted, try Siteground out and get hosting for as little as $3.95 a month today.

I reached 95 likes on Facebook.

So I finally started working on growing my Facebook page and I went from 0 to 95 likes in January. I am hoping to reach 150 likes this month.

I posted on Instagram 3 times on Instagram.

I was supposed to update my Instagram at least 5 times, but I didn’t reach that goal.

Blog Goals for February

Buy a new website theme design.

Write out my Terms & Conditions.

Update About page.

Get at least 500 blog post shares to my content this month.

Try to create backlinks and leave at least 20 comments online linking back to my blog.

Continue to interlink blog posts.

Make at least 11 blog posts this month.

Make at least $10 with my blog this month.

Current Social Media Stats

Instagram – 450 followers | Follow me on Instagram.

Pinterest – 8475 followers | Follow me on Pinterest.

Twitter – 806 followers |  Follow me on Twitter.

Facebook – 95 likes | Like my Facebook Page.


Social Media Goals

Instagram – Get 200 new followers.

Pinterest – Reach 9000 followers.

Twitter – Reach 900 followers.

Facebook – Reach 150 likes.

My main goal is to update all social media more times during the week.

Setup a Pinterest account for this blog specifically.


So that’s what I did last month and those are my goals for this month. Share with me what blog goals and social media goals you’ve made for this month by leaving a comment down below!

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