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90+ Unique April Blog Post Ideas | Blog Inspiration

April blog post ideas

It can be hard deciding on what to write, but I’ve made a list of unique April blog post ideas so you won’t have to worry about what to update your blog with that month. So check out these blog post ideas for April and hopefully they can give you some blog inspiration!

April Blog Post Ideas

April is….

Children and Nature Awareness Month

  • Take your kids out in nature and write about your day.

Dog Appreciation Month

  • Show love for your dog by taking photos of them and talking about how they made your life better.
  • Share a list of things that every dog should have.

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Jazz Appreciation Month

  • Make a list of your favorite Jazz songs.

National Autism Awareness Month

  • If you have Autism or have a child with Autism, share your experience of how Autism has affected you and raise the awareness of Autism.

National Car Care Month

  • Share how you keep your car clean with specific products or maintain your car.

National Anxiety Month

  • Do you have anxiety? Share how you manage it.

National Kite Month

  • Create a DIY post on how you made a kite.
  • Fly kites and share a post of your outfit as you go kite flying.

National Pecan Month

  • Have a recipe involving pecans? Share it with your readers.

National Poetry Month

  • Make a list of your favorite poems that people should read.
  • Write a poem everyday for the month of April.
  • Make a list of your favorite poets.
  • Make a list of your favorite poetry books.
  • Review a poetry book that you love that you recommend for your readers to read.

Stress Awareness Month

  • Share tips on how you handle stress.

Days to blog about in April

First Monday of April

Sweet Potato Day

  • Share a sweet potato recipe.
  • Review a sweet potato food at a restaurant.

National Fun Day

  • Share a list of ways that you have fun.
  • Share a fun adventure that you had (with photos).

First Wednesday of April

National Day of Hope

  • Share what keeps you hopeful about your goals and overall life.

National Walking Day

  • Take a walk and share what you see or the thoughts you have. (Share your outfit too.)

First Thursday of April

National Burrito Day

  • Go to Chipotle or Qdoba. Take photos and share what you love in your burrito.
  • Share a burrito recipe.
  • Review a burrito at a restaurant that you’ve never been to.

Third Saturday in April

Husband Appreciation Day

  • Share with your readers why you appreciate your husband.
  • Create a gift guide of gifts for your husband.

Last Saturday of April

Independent Bookstore Day

  • Write a review of your favorite independent bookstore.
  • Share a haul of the books you bought at an independent bookstore.


Easter Topics

  • Do a DIY blog post for an Easter basket
  • Share a list of things you like to do for Easter.


April showers topics for blog

  • Your favorite movies to watch on rainy days
  • List of things you enjoy doing on rainy days
  • A rainy day outfit
  • Rainy day coats that you have on your wish list


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April Blog Topic Ideas for Each Day

April 1st : It’s April Fools Day.

  • Share a story of tricks you’ve had played on you or tricks you’ve played on other people on this holiday.

April 2nd : It’s International Children’s Book Day.

  • Share a list of your favorite Children’s books.
  • Share a list of Children’s books that you want to read.

April 3rd: It’s Tweed Day.

  • Share a fashion wish list of clothing items that are tweed.
  • Share a Tweed outfit.

April 3rd: It’s National Film Score Day.

  • Make a list of your top 5/top 10 favorite movie soundtracks.

April 4th : It’s International Carrot Day.

  • Have a recipe that includes carrots? Share it with your readers.

April 5th : It’s Bell Bottoms Day.

  • Share a fashion wish list of bell bottom pants that you’d love to own.
  • Write about a fashion icon that wore bell bottoms.
  • Wear and outfit with bell bottoms.

April 5th : It’s National Caramel Day.

  • Share a list of your favorite candy with caramel in it.
  • Share a round up post of caramel recipes.
  • Create a recipe with caramel in it.

April 5th : It’s National Deep Dish Pizza Day.

  • Share a review of a deep dish pizza from a restaurant.
  • Share a deep dish pizza recipe.

April 6th : It’s Fresh Tomato Day.

  • Share a tomato recipe.

April 6th : It’s National Twinkie Day.

  • Share how you eat Twinkies.
  • Share Twinkie memories from when you were a child.

April 7th : It’s Empowered Women Entrepreneurs Day.

  • Share motivational tips for women entrepreneurs.

April 7th: It’s National Coffee cake Day.

  • Review a coffee cake from restaurant.
  • Share a coffee cake recipe.

April 7th: It’s National Pet Health Insurance Day.

  • Share a review of the pet health insurance that you have for your pet.

April 7th : It’s World Health Day.

  • Share tips on how you stay healthy.

April 10th : It’s Siblings Day.

  • Share the things that you love about your siblings.
  • Share memories from your childhood related to you and your siblings.

April 11th : It’s National Cheese Fondue Day.

  • Try cheese fondue at a restaurant and review it.
  • Share a cheese fondue recipe.

April 11th : It’s National Pet Day.

  • Share photos of your pet and talk about why you love them.

April 12th : It’s National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day.

  • Share your favorite grilled cheese sandwich recipe.

April 12th: It’s Support Teen Literature Day.

  • Share a list of your favorite young adult books.

April 13th : It’s National Peach Cobbler Day.

  • Share your favorite peach cobbler recipe.

April 17th : It’s International Haiku Poetry Day.

  • Create a haiku and explain it.
  • Write a list of some of your favorite Haiku poems.

April 21st : It’s National Tea Day.

  • Share a list of your favorite teas to drink.
  • Review a restaurant that serves tea.
  • Throw a tea party and share the event.

April 21st : It’s Record Store Day.

  • Share your favorite records.
  • Share a record store haul.
  • Review a record store near you.

April 21st: It’s Thank You for Libraries Day.

  • Share your favorite memories of being in a library.
  • Share some of the first books you read in a library.

April 22nd : It’s Earth Day.

  • Share your tips on how to help the Earth.

April 22nd: It’s National Jelly Bean Day.

  • Share your favorite jelly bean flavors.
  • Create a Jelly Bean inspired outfit.

April 23rd : It’s Lovers Day.

  • Share a list of ways to show someone that you love them.

April 23rd: It’s Movie Theatre Day.

  • Go to the movies and write a movie review.

April 23rd: It’s National Picnic Day.

  • Go on a picnic and blog about it.
  • Create a recipe for a food that you’d bring to a picnic.

April 25th : It’s National Crayola Day.

  • Create something using the Crayola brand.

April 25th: It’s National Mani-Pedi Day.

  • Have a Mani-Pedi Day and share the items that you used.
  • Share your top 10 favorite nail polish colors.

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April 26th : It’s Get Organized Day.

  • Share with your readers how you get organized.

April 26th: It’s National Kids and Pets Day.

  • Write about an eventful day that you had with your kids and pets. Involve everyone.

April 26th: It’s National Pretzel Day.

  • Find a recipe, make pretzels, and blog about it.

April 26th: It’s Take Our Children to Work Day.

  • Share what happened when you took your child to work.

April 28th : It’s National Superhero Day.

  • Share your favorite superhero and why you love them.
  • Share a list of your favorite superheroes from movies.
  • Share a list of your favorite superheroes from books.

April 29th : It’s International Dance Day.

  • Create a Youtube video of you dancing.
  • Share a roundup post of your favorite dance videos on Youtube.

April 29th : It’s Viral Video Day.

  • Share a roundup post of your favorite viral videos.

April 30th : It’s Hairstyle Appreciation Day.

  • Share photos of your hairstyle evolution.
  • Share photos of your favorite hairstyles or hairstyles that you would like to try.

April 30th: It’s National Bubble Tea Day.

  • Write a review of a bubble tea restaurant.

April 30th: It’s National Oatmeal Cookie Day.

  • Share an oatmeal cookie recipe.



So those are all of my Unique April Blog Post Ideas!

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April Blog Post Ideas


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