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I don’t want to go to College | 8 Reasons to not go to college

Many people hate school and they decide on not going to college or their parents tell them that they want to go and they don’t want to. I do feel like a lot of pressure is placed on people to go to college when there shouldn’t be. To be honest, I said the words “I don’t want to go to college” a multiple of times when I was actually in school because I realized how unhappy I was about college and because I had no idea what I was doing with my life. So today I wanted to share with you guys my 8 reasons to not go to college if you feel the pressure to go to college, but you know your mind and your heart is saying that you don’t want to go to school as an adult.

I don’t want to go to college | 8 Reasons to Not Go To College

If you don’t know what you want a degree in then you shouldn’t go to college.

I know of a lot of people who went to school not knowing what they wanted to become and they ended up wasting a lot of time. Some people.. including myself, ended up majoring in something that they didn’t want to major in. I changed my major 2 times. Of course this is reasonable because many of us are trying to figure out who we are and what we want to do with our lives. It can be difficult deciding on what type of job or career you want to have the rest of your life. However, I do think that it would be better to reach out to people in businesses that you are interested in first versus going to college with no idea about what you want to be and then spending a lot of money on classes that could be used for something else beneficial to your life.

Paying back student loans is stressful.

Most people who attend college usually end up having to take out student loans. It may sound great at first, but 6 months after not being in school can greatly affect you. Once your student loans are active in payment you have to start paying back on them otherwise it will decrease your credit score and you have to remain active in paying them until you pay them off. It could take you decades to pay your student loans off because of the high interest rates that are attached to them. It’s like a vicious cycle and most people aren’t able to pay them off quickly which means you maybe paying between $200-600 monthly for the next 15 years or more. That money adds up.

Student Loans + Interest = Debt for probably the most of your life and potentially a declining credit score

College can be stressful, in general.

There is no surprise that college can be overwhelming. You are trying to maintain good grades in multiple classes so that you won’t get kicked out and be places on academic probation. You are trying to maintain your mental health even though you may have to take on a job to pay bills and be able to afford being able to eat. You also may want to maintain a social life and even get into relationships that can change your views on a lot of things. There is no doubt that there is a lot of independence and things to maintain when going to college which can be exhausting.

Having a degree doesn’t guarantee success.

A many of people have went to college and gotten their degrees, but they are doing absolutely nothing with those degrees. Unfortunately, this is a common situation. There are so many people competing for the same jobs which means a lot of people won’t be able to have those jobs. Some people also realize that they need experience in a field and when they graduate, they don’t have the required experience to obtain the job that they want. I feel like the older generation has placed a lot of weight on the idea that a degree can get you anywhere when it can’t without the experience or honestly the actual connections. If you have a degree it is viewed positively, but if you don’t have experience or if you don’t know someone that can help you obtain a job in your field then your chances of working in a specific position can be difficult. You have to do your research.

If you don’t like school at all, you probably shouldn’t go to college.

I have seen a few people who hated school attend college simply for the party life or to just be around their friends. They ended up dropping out and having to pay back those student loans without any real benefits from attending the school itself. If you plan on going to college, go because you want to get your degree in something that either means something to you or you want a specific job. “I don’t want to go to college for the education. I want to go for the fun.” Don’t go to college to simply have fun.

You would be wasting time if you have no idea about what you want to become.

This goes along with my first point. A lot of people end up wasting a lot of time by going to college and they end up in jobs that don’t really need a degree in. With the way the job market changes, having a bachelor’s degree can be great (don’t get me wrong), but you do have to be realistic and analyze the job market within your area for the field that you want to go into. If you don’t have an idea then accruing debt that you’ll have to pay off just to obtain a degree can be draining and it might have more of a negative impact than a good impact on your life in the future. It would be best to start thinking long term wise.

You can save so much more money for a house or a business..

College is expensive and unless you have a lot of scholarships, you will end up paying a lot of money to attend school. If you don’t go to college, you can use the money that you would have used for college for something else beneficial. For example, you could buy a house much faster which would save money on the cost of rent or you could even start your own business if you have a great business idea. You could also simply invest in yourself and teach yourself different skills like coding or web design which can all be learned for free online. It is always good to brainstorm alternatives and your options besides college. A degree doesn’t guarantee a decent paying job unless you’re doing your research.

Don’t go to college just because your family thinks you should.

I went to college for a mixture of reasons and one of the reasons was because my family members wanted me to go. To be honest, a lot of them tend to look down upon others who do not go to college and obtain a college degree. However I will be honest with you and tell you that going to college just because your family members want you to is a horrible reason to go. At the end of the day, it is your life and you are the one who will be living it forever. You also have to remember, that you’ll be the one who has to pay those loans back on your own and you’re the one whose credit those loans will be affecting. Live for you and plan ahead for the future.

If there is something that you want to do that requires that you obtain a degree, then go to college and get the degree so you can make your passion into a reality. However, if you keep hearing your mind say, “I don’t want to go to college…” then don’t go.

If you are thinking about going to college, then you should get a degree in something that you actually enjoy and analyze the job options available to you for the degree that you are considering obtaining. Look up the experience required for jobs that interest you and start worrying towards gaining that experience while you’re in college. Build connections and relationships. If you go to college, use this experience as much as possible to make things easier for you in the future and if you don’t go to college, figure out your passion and work towards making it a job that makes you money as well as keeps you happy.

Remember that you do have alternatives to college. You just have to do some research to find them.


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I hope that this was a beneficial read for you guys and I hope that you figure out what it is that you want to do with your life.

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Do your research, continue to apply yourselves, and stay positive.


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