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51 Unique March Blog Post Ideas

march blog post ideas

March is just around the corner which means it’s going to be Spring soon. Today I wanted to share with you guys my March blog post ideas. I hope that these blog post ideas can be beneficial within giving you some ideas on how to update your blog in the month of March. So let’s jump into these March blog post ideas.


March is…

Irish American Month

  • If you’re Irish, discuss your Irish heritage.
  • Talk about your favorite Irish foods and drinks.

National Frozen Food Month

  • Share with your readers your favorite frozen foods.

National Craft Month

  • Create something and do a DIY blog post on it.
  • Make a series and create something new everyday or every week and blog about each craft.

National Women’s Month

  • Make a roundup post of women who have inspired you or dedicate everyday to a different inspiration woman.
  • Discuss why women are amazing.
  • Share with your readers why you are proud to be a woman.
  • Share your top 10 favorite female bands or artists.

march blog post ideas


Days to celebrate in March and topics to write about

March 1st – It is Peanut Butter Lovers Day.

  • Share your favorite peanut butter snacks.
  • Share a recipe involving peanut butter.

March 3rd – It’s I Want You to be Happy Day.

  • Share a blog post of ways to cheer someone up when they are feeling down.
  • Share how you cheer up when you are feeling sad.
  • Talk about what makes you happy.
  • Ask  5 or 10 people what makes them happy and share it in a blog post.

March 8th – It’s International Women’s Day

  • Celebrate your womanhood.

March 12th – It’s Plant a Flower Day.

  • Share your favorite flowers with your readers.
  • Share what flowers you are planting in March in a blog post.

March 13th – It’s Jewelry Day.

  • Share a memory behind your favorite jewelry. (Ex. engagement ring, brooch from your grandmother, etc.).
  • Make a jewelry wish list and share it.

March 14th – It’s Potato Chip Day.

  • Share a list of your favorite potato chips that your readers should try.

March 17th – It’s National Submarine Sandwich Day.

  • Share your favorite sandwich or sandwiches from Tubby’s, Subway, Firehouse Subs, or any other sub place.
  • Review a submarine sandwich restaurant in your city.
  • Share a submarine sandwich recipe that you enjoy making.

March 17th – It’s St. Patrick’s Day.

  • Share why you love St. Patrick’s Day.

March 20th – It’s International Earth Day.

  • Share your favorite landscapes on Earth that you love.
  • Share why you love the planet in a blog post.
  • If you have an Earth shirt, create an outfit for it and show it off in a blog post.

March 20th – It’s Extraterestrial Abduction Day.

  • Get your Buster Baxter on and share with your readers why an alien would abduct you. (Create crazy theories if you like…)
  • Share your favorite alien movies.

March 21st – It’s Fragrance Day.

  • Share a list of your top 5 perfumes.
  • Share a list of perfumes that you are interested in trying.

March 23rd – It’s National Puppy Day.

  • Share photos of your puppy and why you love them so much.

March 25th – It’s Waffle Day.

  • Share your favorite waffle recipe.
  • Review store bought waffles in a blog post.
  • Go to a restaurant and review the waffles as well as the entire meal that you ate.

March 26th – Make Up Your Own Holiday Day.

  • Share your ideas for a holiday that you would like to be real.
  • Create a holiday, celebrate it, and write a blog post showing how you celebrated it.

March 26th – It’s National Spinach Day.

  • Share your favorite recipe or recipes including spinach.

March 28th – It’s National Something on a Stick Day.

  • Share a recipe of a food on a stick.
  • Share a list of the foods you love to eat on a stick (ex. corn dogs, pickles, etc.)

March 29th – It’s National Mom and Pop Business Owner’s Day

  • Give a shout out to a Mom and Pop family owned business that you love.
  • Make a list of some of your favorite Mom and Pop family owned businesses where you live.

March 30th – It’s Take a Walk in the Park Day.

  • Take a walk in the park and talk about what you saw in a blog post.
  • Show off your outfit and take photos of yourself in the park.

March 31st – It’s World Backup Day.

This isn’t a blog post idea.. This is just a reminder to Back up your computer and your blog if you’re reading this!


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Spring starts in March so here are some Spring Topics to Blog About…

5 Ways to Spring Clean this Spring

  • Share with your readers how you get your Spring cleaning done.

Spring Outfit Ideas

  • Show off some outfits that can be worn in the Spring time.

MAKING MONEY TIP: Use affiliate links to link back to items you purchased online or to similar items so that your readers can buy them if they want them.

Things to do in the Spring Time

  • Share a list of the best things to do in the Spring time.

Spring Fashion Wish list

  • Show off the items on your Spring wish list.

Meals for the Spring Time

  • Create a roundup post of recipes that you recommend for your readers to make this Spring.

5 Shows I’m Looking forward to watching this Spring

  • Make a list of shows that you are excited about watching and recommend that your readers watch them with you.



So those are my March blog post ideas!

I hope that you guys found this beneficial and if you did, SHARE IT on social media! Thanks in advance! ^_^

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march blog post ideas




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