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48 Awesome February Blog Post Ideas

February blog post ideas

It’s almost February and I figured I would share with you guys some February blog post ideas. It can be difficult to come up with ideas to write about, but I am here to come up with some ideas for the month for you guys and hopefully they can be beneficial for your blogs. So let’s jump into these February blog post ideas!

February Blog Post Ideas

A Week of February Outfits – Share some outfits that you wore during a week in February.

A month of February Outfits – Showcase a month’s worth of outfits for February. [Create this post in January and post it in February.]

Things to Do on Valentine’s Day If You’re Single – Share ideas for what to do if you’re single on V-Day.

Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas – Share ideas for what to wear on Valentine’s Day. [Share this at the beginning of February.]

Valentine’s Day Candy – Write a review on Valentine’s Day candy or make a list of Valentine’s Day candy you love.

February Movie or Book Reviews – Write a review of a book you read or movie you watched in February.

Events in February to Discuss

The Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday Recipe – Write up a recipe to make for the Superbowl.

Outfits to Wear for Super Bowl Sunday – Show off outfits to wear for the Super Bowl.

The Oscars

Throw an Oscar party with your friends. Take photos of food you’re serving, decorations, and what you’re wearing.

Showcase an Oscar worthy outfit. Show off your outfit and share links to where you purchased it.

Create an Oscar worthy recipe and share it on your blog.

Make a list of who you think will when at the Oscars and why you think they will win.

Chinese New Year

Do some research on the Chinese New Year and share your thoughts about it.

Eat food that people in China eat on Chinese New Year and discuss how you liked it.

February is…

Black History Month

  1. Discuss people who had an impact on Black History Month.
  2. Share your favorite books starring black authors.
  3. Share your favorite movies staring black actors and actresses.
  4. Share your favorite black characters in movies, cartoons, and tv shows.
  5. Discuss a different person everyday who impacted Black History.

National Wedding Month

  1. Share tips on how to save for a wedding.
  2. Share your thoughts on weddings and marriage.
  3. Share your thoughts on your dream wedding.
  4. Share your top 10 list of places you would love to go for a honeymoon.
  5. Share a list of songs you’d play at your wedding.

Canned Food Month

  1. Create a recipe or multiple recipes with canned food involved.
  2. Share your staple canned foods that should always in be in your home.

Grapefruit Month

  1. Share your favorite recipes that involve grapefruit.
  2. Share the benefits of grapefruit.

Holidays in February to Blog About

February 2nd – It’s Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.

Share a list of your favorite ice cream.

February 4th – It’s Stuffed Mushroom Day.

Share with your readers a stuffed mushroom recipe.

February 6th – It’s National Chopsticks Day.

Share with your readers your favorite chopsticks, your first time using chopsticks, a video of how you use chopsticks, or even try out a Japanese recipe.

February 9th – It’s National Pizza Day.

Share your favorite pizza toppings, a pizza recipe, or rank pizzas at your favorite restaurants like Pizza Hut, Dominoes, etc.

February 10th – It’s Umbrella Day.

Show off your favorite Umbrella in an outfit post.

February 11th – It’s Make a Friend Day.

Talk about being social online or even attempt to start conversations with people in person or online.

February 11th – It’s White T-Shirt Day.

Show off your favorite white t-shirt outfit or outfit ideas.

Make Money Tip: Share affiliate links to outfit items.

February 12th – It’s Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.

Share your thoughts on Abraham Lincoln.

February 13th – It’s Get A Different Name Day.

Share with your readers alternative names you wish your parents had named you and discuss how it might have impacted your life (if you believe it would have impacted it at all).

February 14th – It’s Valentine’s Day.

Share what you are doing or what you are wearing on Valentine’s Day.

February 14th – It’s Organ Donor Day.

Share your reasons why everyone should be an Organ Donor.

February 17th – It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Share different ways that everyone can be kind.

February 18th – It’s National Drink Wine Day. Take some photos of what you do while drinking wine and write a review of your favorite wine.

*You can even make a list of your top 5 wines to drink.

February 18th – It’s President’s Day.

Share links to deals that you are aware of for this day. A lot of items go on sale this day.

Make Money Tip:

Share these deals early in the day or the day before and add affiliate links to this post to make some money. If you have an email list, email your readers these deals so they can save and you can make some money.

February 20th – It’s Love Your Pet Day.

Share photos of your adorable pet and talk about why they are the best pet in the world.

February 24th – It’s National Tortilla Chip Day.

Share a recipe that involves Tortilla chips.

February 26th – It’s Tell a Fairy Tale Day.

Share your favorite fairy tale or fairy tales with your readers.

February 28th – It’s Floral Design Day.

Show off a floral design that you made or do a DIY floral design. You can take photos or even record video clips of how you made the design.




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February blog post ideas


So those are my February Blog Post Ideas. If you guys found this helpful, SHARE IT on social media because I’d greatly appreciate it!

If you guys have any other February blog post ideas, I’d love to hear them!

Leave a comment down below and share with me what you will be blogging about in February!

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