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7 Ways to Find Inspiration for Blog Post Ideas

blog post ideas

Have you ever ran out of blog post ideas? There have been so many moments of me being a blogger when I had absolutely no idea what to write about. I would sit there trying to figure out what would be my next great topic to write about and share with my readers, but a lot of times I would have idea block. Today I wanted to share with you all some great places where you can find inspiration for blog post ideas in case you ever don’t know what your next post will be. So check it out!

Where can you find Blog Post Ideas?

Trending topics on Google and Youtube

You can search the topics that are trending on Google as well as Youtube and discover some current events that are popular right now. You probably won’t get consistent traffic on these topics, but you can create content to update your blog with as you discuss or share your views on the trending topics.

Everyday life conversations

Have you ever started discussing something with someone or have you ever overheard a topic being discussed that you know a lot of people would relate to? Topics of discussion can always be used as inspiration for blog post ideas. From discussions about food to movies to relationships to financial issues… they all can be covered within a blog post for sure. 

Search for “blog post ideas” on Google

Lots of bloggers (including myself) write posts dedicated to blog post ideas. They are specifically designed to help out bloggers who need some inspiration for what to discuss next. Do a search on Google or simply check out the blog post ideas that I have come up with! 

January Blog Post Ideas




Magazines are probably my favorite places to look for blog inspiration. I have gotten so many ideas in the past for blog topics from old magazines that I have. As you write about the topic on your blog, you can even refer back to the magazine on your website and tag them on social media. Share with them how an article inspired your blog post.


In the past I have skimmed the library and even books on Amazon as I came up with ideas in my niche on topics to cover. Sometimes book titles or even sections of a book can present you with potential topics to cover on your website. You could even refer back to the book and use events within it to discuss a specific topic.

Television Shows and Movies

Have you ever watched something that was relatable and it gave you inspiration for something to write about? A lot of things that I have watched in the past have given me ideas for topics that I could cover and that kept my readers interested. Some of your favorite shows could have hidden gems in it and could reveal evergreen subjects that you could expand on.

Other blogs or websites

Other bloggers have given me inspiration for topics to write about where they shared their tips on a topic or their ideas on a subject. You could take their idea and put your own spin on it. However, you should definitely refer back to their blog post. Share with your readers how you got the amazing blog post idea from them and how you wanted to cover the topic as well. Not only would you be creating new content, but you could even create the beginning of a bond with a new blogger. Don’t forget to email them the blog post you created saying that you loved their idea and that you referred back to them to give them credit.


blog post ideas

So that concludes my favorite places for where you can find inspiration for blog post ideas. If you found this beneficial, share it on social media. I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks for reading and keep blogging guys!

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