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December 2018 Income Report + January 2019 Goals

income report

Here is my income report for December 2018! Check it out!

Today I wanted to share with you guys my income report for December. I closed the year out somewhat strong in my personal opinion when comparing the amount I made in December. I am also really happy about my social media growth as well! So let’s jump into this income report!

December 2018 Income Report

Fiverr – $384

e-Rewards – $4.50

Google Adsense – $1.37

Total = $389.87

Total I made this year from Fiverr services and other online focused stuff outside of writing:

$144.73 (October Income Report) +

$135.84 (November Income Report) +

$389.87 (This month)

= $670.44

Traffic for Blogging and Living this month: 621 views, 501 visitors (reached goal)

Overall traffic since starting this blog in November: 763 views, 612 visitors

Words typed on the blog this month: 11,415

Blog posts posted this month: 10 (reached goal)

Social Media Stats

Facebook – 0

Instagram – 210 followers (last month: 48) Increased by 162 followers (reached goal)

Pinterest – 7658 followers, 5.6 million monthly viewers

Twitter – 1572 & 826 followers

Things I did with my blog and on social media in December

Learned about Flipboard.

So Flipboard is a cross between Stumbleupon and Pinterest. Apparently if you own a website, you can gain a decent amount of views if you remain active on it consistently from what I have read from a few blog posts. So I am hoping to use it in 2019 to grow my traffic and reach for my blog.

Create a Flipboard account and follow me on there!

I removed myself from at least 150 Facebook group boards.

I was apart of so many group boards and I wanted to remove the ones that were not beneficial to me. I want to say I am currently a member of at least 200 boards, but I am unsure. I also joined 9 other Facebook group boards to help me grow my blog and social media.

I marketed more on Google Plus.

So okay, I marketed maybe 2 or 3 blog posts on Google Plus and so far it gave me a reach of… views. Google Plus only got me 19 views unfortunately. I read that Google Plus is actually supposed to be shutting down sometime August 2019 so I kind of want to gain some use out of it for the time being.

I marketed more on Pinterest.

Pinterest is where I am getting most of my traffic right now. I am trying to make at least 3 pins per blog post and I am hoping that it will help my website gain more traffic as well as potential visibility.

I started using Facebook groups more.

I shared almost all of my blog posts to Facebook groups and it was extremely beneficial. I was able to increase Pinterest pin shares, Twitter retweets, and blog views in general.

I started my “Becoming Instagram Famous” series.

I have been wanting to track my Instagram growth and following for a long time. Mainly I wanted to try different tactics to grow my Instagram following so that I would be able to make some extra money to at least pay off my student loans. December was a good month for growth. I increased my following by 162 new followers and I didn’t do much to get those followers.

Check out my First month of trying to become Instagram Famous!

I made around 50 comments on other people’s websites.

I did pretty well last month as far as engaging with other people. I am glad that I was able to keep up with it. I hope to make at least 50 comments on other people’s website’s this month too.

Things I failed at doing in December

Marketing my Facebook page and Twitter pages.

I did absolutely nothing with my Facebook page. I’ll probably invest in a social media scheduler next year for Facebook and for Twitter. I feel like it is somewhat difficult to grow it, especially after I reached 1400 followers. I think I might try running a giveaway or investing in Twitter retweets.

December income report
Here is my income report for December 2018! Check it out!

Goals for January

Increasing following on all social media.

Continue my “Trying to Become Instagram Famous” series.

Make at least 50 comments on other blogs.

Post on my Youtube channel.

Comment on at least 13 other Youtube channels.

Buy hosting for this website.

Buy a new website design template.

Create and post at least 3 pins per blog post to Pinterest.

Run a Pinterest ad.

Make at least $200 on Fiverr.

December income report
Here is my income report for December 2018!

So that was my December Income Report and a list of my goals for January!

I hope you guys found this information beneficial and I would love it if you shared your goals or income for December too!

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