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10 Ways to Get More Twitter Retweets and Likes | Twitter Marketing

how to get retweets on twitter

It’s true that the more Twitter retweets and likes that you have, the more you’ll be visible to other people on Twitter. It used to be a struggle to get engagement on my Twitter account. I would post tweets or things that I thought other people would find interesting, but I wouldn’t get any engagement on practically any of my posts. I learned that it was because I wasn’t creating the proper Tweets that would gain…. well retweets and likes. After awhile I learned that there were a couple of things that I could do to grow my Twitter engagement and now I get a decent amount of interaction per Tweet. So today I wanted to share with you all my top 10 ways to get more Twitter retweets and likes!

How to get Twitter retweets and likes for free

Use images and gifs.

Tweets with a visual are more times likely to be liked or Retweeted. Add a photo or a gif relatable to what you are talking about in your Tweet. More people will see it and potentially engage with it.


Tweet about something relatable and something funny.

In general, when people engage on social media it is because they want to either contribute to the conversation, they relate, or they find the topic funny. Focus on something simple that connects with people and they just might react.

Engage with other people on Twitter and they may reciprocate.

I have noticed that the more and more I engage with others..many of them will reciprocate and engage with me. It’s cool to reach out to someone about a tweet you relate to or to simply like or Retweet their post too. They might do the same if they are following you and they relate to what you are saying.


Ask for Twitter Retweets and Likes.

Have you ever seen someone post a “RT if you like _____” or “Like if you relate..” along with a photo? Lots of times people will Retweet or Like simply because your provided a CTA (Call To Action) to do so. People respond to this gesture and it encourages them to engage. So try it out and see what happens.


Participate in a Like exchange.

You can either reach out to someone with a follower count similar to yours and ask if you guys could do a Like for Like or a Retweet for a Retweet to increase visibility. You can also join some Twitter Facebook groups where people do an exchange of like for likes or retweets for retweets. Keep in mind though that you will probably have to like/retweet everyone’s content that is featured in the post if you would like to remain a member of the group.


Share the Tweet you made on Instagram.

Take a snapshot of the Tweet and share it on Instagram for others to like and share. Not only will you potentially get some likes or a follow back on Twitter, but you will also be creating content to post on Instagram as well. Cross-promotion on social media is a must!


Share the Tweet you made on Pinterest.

The same goes for Pinterest when it comes to cross-promotion, but I have to mention that with Twitter you will see growth overtime and not instantly so be mindful of that. However you can go ahead and share your Tweet on Pinterest. Other people might see it and visit your Twitter page.


Share the Tweet you made on Facebook and submit it to Facebook group boards.

If you create in memes or quotes that people can relate to, take a snapshot of it and post it on Facebook with a link to the tweet. I always see people posting tweet memes and quotes on Facebook consistently. There are tons of meme and quote groups on Facebook that you can join and submit these to too. So not only will you potentially get retweets and likes, but you also may get new followers on Twitter as well as likes on your Facebook page.

Use hashtags or Tweet about something that is trending.

Hashtags can be a hit or a miss. Trending topics can also be a hit or a miss as well. It really depends on if you have a following already who interacts with you in my personal opinion. Sometimes people will overlook things being said, but hashtags can be searched and bring things tweeted to light.


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Twitter Marketing
Need more Twitter retweets and likes? Learn my Top 10 ways to get more Twitter retweets and likes!!

Some people would suggest buying Twitter likes and retweets…

But I honestly wouldn’t considering most people who provide these Twitter likes that you are paying for come from bots of pages that have no engagement which means there’s a strong chance that no one else will see your Tweet.

You could potentially buy a Twitter like or retweet from someone who has a lot of active followers on Twitter that receives a lot of engagement which could be beneficial which I would actually say go for. It has to be an actual person and not a bot though. Reach out to a few Twitter Influencers and ask them how much they would charge for a Retweet, but make sure that they have an audience for whatever it is that you would like for them to share on their page for you.

Overall these are the ways in which I have increased my Twitter likes and retweets. These are the things that I do when it comes to Twitter marketing and getting my content out there. I hope you all found this helpful. Let me know if you have any other ideas on how to increase your Twitter retweets and likes by leaving a comment below!

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