Casual Red and Black | Sweatshirt Outfit

sweatshirt outfit

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share with you guys my red and black sweatshirt outfit that I am wearing today. I am going to be trying out fashion blogging this year and I am really excited about it. I kind of always wanted to do some sort of fashion blogging, but in the past I used to feel self-conscious as well as lazy. However, I feel a bit more confident and motivated so I’m doing it. Plus, I am currently “trying” to become Instagram famous and I am chronicling my growth of growing my Instagram following which I’ll be posting monthly so yeah. This should be fun and interesting.

I decided to take some flat lay clothing photos and for my first time taking pictures like this, I think I did an okay job.

All about my sweatshirt outfit

This is a very casual and relaxed outfit that is kind of giving me 90’s fashion vibes.

sweatshirt outfit


I bought the red and black sweatshirt from a thrift store for a couple of bucks a few years ago. It looks like it is from the 90’s era. I’ll probably end up giving it away to charity soon. The sleeves are so short on me that I have to push them up on my arms to make it look like it’s stylish when in reality my sleeves are flooding. LOL

red and black sweatshirt

Black Jeans

sweatshirt outfit

I bought these black jeans from TJ Maxx. I paid $16.99 for them. I have been gaining weight a lot this year so I bought 2 pairs of jeans in November from there and another pair from Forman Mills. I think this is the first time I have purchased jeans in the past 4-5 years. I went up a jean size and I am not sure whether to be happy that I am gaining weight (because it used to be a struggle to do so) or unhappy because I have a gut belly. I definitely need to get back to working out soon.


I bought the black belt from Target for around $9. It’s my favorite belt to wear with jeans.

Black Boots


These leather Guess boots were a Christmas gift that I received I want to say 2 years ago. I wear these religiously. They’re comfortable and I wear them with pretty much anything.

Buy similar Guess boots here!

Song of the day: All Star by Smash Mouth

Things I’m looking forward to today


Binge watching the most recent episodes of RWBY

RWBY is one of my favorite animated shows. The story line is amazing. I want to cosplay at least 7 characters that I have seen on the show. I may end up cosplaying RWBY sometime this year to be honest. Anyway though, some crazy stuff is happening this season and we’re getting a background story on Ozpin and Salem. I am so excited to see what happens next.

Working on my first $90 Fiverr order

I am so happy because someone purchased my highest gig so I am going to start working on that. If you guys haven’t heard of Fiverr, it is a website where you can post services or items you offer and you can make money from it when someone makes a purchase.

You can check out my review on it if you’re interested in making money on there too.

My boyfriend asked me if I wanted Chinese food tonight and of course, I said yes!

We haven’t had Chinese food in a couple of months. I am craving some beef stir fry and shrimp fried rice. I always pour a bit of hot sauce on my fried rice. Does anyone else do that too?

So that’s my show and tell of my red and black sweatshirt outfit as well as the things I am excited for today. I hope you enjoyed this casual fashion post!

I also hope you all are having a great day while staying motivated and positive!

Do something for you today and stay blessed!

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