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21 Reality Shows on Hulu to Binge Watch

reality shows on Hulu

Reality shows have taken over our televisions, laptops, and phones as these shows portray potentially “realistic” events that are interesting, intriguing, and sometimes relatable. Hulu has a ton of reality shows that you can watch from competitions to decorations to court shows to lifestyle examinations to celebrity lives. There are tons of options for reality shows on Hulu that you can watch. So today I wanted to share with you guys 21 of the best reality shows on Hulu to watch or I should say… the ones that I am interested in watching that you probably don’t know about.

21 Reality Shows on Hulu to binge watch


People do some online dating and find out that the person that they are dating isn’t who they claim to be. I have heard about this show for years, but I have never watched it myself. It seems like it is filled with lies on the venture of love. I always wonder how people think it is okay to start a relationship off with a lie, but yeah… That’s how it goes a lot of the time.

Divorce Court

A couple of years ago, I used to be really into watching court tv. A lot of the scenarios in many of the shows were interesting or completely ridiculous. Divorce Court was one of those shows that never failed me within maintaining my interest. I feel like this show actually helped me learn quite a bit. You can honestly learn some advice about what to do and what not to do in a relationship within this show surprisingly. You might also be able to reflect on situations invovling how to maintain a relationship or whether you should let it go if you are in a similar situation as the people on the show.

Dancing with the Stars

If you want to see celebrities learn how to dance, then this is the show for you. Each season a set of different celebrities join the show and enter this dance competition to win some money for a charity of their choice. They show the struggles and process of their growth within learning how to dance a new dance every week.

Build Small, Live Anywhere

A married design experts and real estate couple remodel small homes in California. Apart of me feels like the homes are still going to be pretty pricey even though they are small.


I heard about this show a lot, but I never really checked it out myself. It’s about various people being the world’s worst hoarders and I guess they talk about the items that they hoard or what their homes look like. I wonder if this show is going to help them remove whatever items they are hoarding where they live or if this is just going to be a showcase of how they hoard. Whichever it is.. it seems kind of weird to me and I am probably going to watch it. LOL

Flavor of Love

This was probably one of the first reality shows that I watched where there was a competition for someone’s love. I thought it was absolutely ridiculous, but at the same time it was hilarious. I honestly kind of wonder about what happened to each of the characters on this show.

I love New York

One of the individuals from the Flavor of Love series was so popular that she ended up getting her own spin-off show that turned into her own empire. I have yet to see this series, but I feel like I’ll binge watch it at some point.

How It’s Made

Interested in knowing how random things are made? This show discusses a variety of things being made from commercial drones to Chinese furniture to miniature war figures to lemon tarts.

Night In / Night Out

A couple create a recipe at home and then they go to a restaurant to try the same food that they made. I suppose they are seeing if the food tastes better at the restaurant in comparison to at home. The concept of this show sounds promising and like something I would want to try out myself.

Doomsday Preppers

I am a pretty paranoid person and I feel like this show would be informative within giving me ideas on how to doomsday prep. LOL I mean, it is better to be prepared than not at all. Then again, I guess it really depends on how much of an investment you are placing into these doomsday prep kits. You wouldn’t want to spend all of your money prepping for something that potentially might not happen.

America’s Next Top Model

I used to watch this show faithfully up until I want to say Season 5 or 6. It definitely gives me photo ideas and inspiration for sure. They also have Australia’s Next Top Model o Hulu which I didn’t even know was a thing.


Watch brides freak out and be controlling as they prepare for their weddings. I personally would watch this show for the purpose of getting potential wedding ideas or dress ideas.

Bogus Beauty

I guess Buzzfeed partnered up with Hulu to create this show because two of the women who work for Buzzfeed are on this series. Basically they try different beauty hacks.

Eating Your Feed

This is another Buzzfeed show where individuals from Buzzfeed recreate foods and offer food hacks. I suppose this show relates to Instagram and recreating Instagram photographed foods.

Feed Famous

Another Buzzfeed show, but this is one where I actually feel like it could be beneficial to people who are trying to grow their social media following. Within this show a few different Instagrammers compete to grow their visibility and following. I hope to learn some tips and tricks myself for growing my Instagram account with this show.


I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! So this is another Buzzfeed show. I actually watch the Ladylike’s Youtube channel so it’s pretty cool that they have a show on Hulu. However, I am kind of baffled though and wondering if these episodes are on Youtube for free.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

If you’re interested in Kim Kardashian or the Jenners, watch this show to learn about how they came to be so popular. I watched maybe 2 seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and to be honest it was pretty decent for a reality show (if you’re into drama, clothes, and potentially seeing famous people pop up anyway). Some of the situations that would happen kept me interested in the show at the time too. No wonder it’s still on television after all of these years.

Side note: Apparently there are spin off shows of the Kardashians growing their brands and living life in other areas of the world too. So that’s kind of interesting that they had like multiple other shows going on during the main series. To be honest, I feel like the main thing that I am really going to be interested in is there fashion.

Start-up Junkies

Entrepreneurs start new business ventures and we see the ways in which they manage their growth. Not going to lie, I feel like I might get some ideas from watching this show myself. I love reading about start-ups and the processes of starting up any new business. It’s really interesting and it can help me to see what to do as well as what not to do if I were to try it out myself.

Tiny House Hunters

A couple of years ago I used to always see photos on Facebook of storage box houses and miniature homes that were environmentally friendly and more affordable. This show showcases homes of people who downsized and now have financial freedom because of the lifestyle change from a somewhat decent sized square foot home or apartment to a miniature version.

There are also other similar shows like Tiny House, Big Living and Tiny Luxury which are available to watch on Hulu too.

Total Wipeout

I used to faithfully watch this show whenever it came on when I was younger. People would run this obstacle course and try for their chances to win some money. I kind of wanted to try out for it too, but then I thought about the fact that I couldn’t swim so I kind of just gave that up. It’s a somewhat funny show to watch though.

What Would You Do?

This was one of my all time favorite reality shows to watch. This show would hire actors and actresses to act out a situation and the bystanders who were real people would react or not react to them. The show kind of would test people’s morals about how they would react in right or wrong situations. It would make me wonder about how I would react in different scenarios myself if I saw them happening.


reality shows on hulu
Looking for some reality shows on Hulu to watch? Here are my top 21 reality tv shows to check out!

I hope you guys enjoyed my recommendations of 21 reality shows on Hulu to watch. Let me know which ones you guys plan on watching by leaving a comment down below! Or share with me some of your favorite reality tv shows!

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