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January Blog Post Ideas

January blog post ideas

January is almost here which means it is time to plan for your January blog post ideas to start your blog off right for the new year! I came up with a lot of blog post ideas for January to help my fellow bloggers create content for your blogs in case you needed some more ideas for January. So check out these ideas.

January Blog Post Ideas

New Year’s Resolutions | Goals for (insert year) – Make a blog post where you write down your goals for the year. This can be goals for your career, health, or just your life in general.

Blog Goals – You can make a dedicated goal post for your blog. It is good to create goals when it comes to managing a blog because you can establish what you’re working towards.

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Inspirational Quotes to start the New Year – Do you have any quotes that can inspire your readers with starting this New Year off right? Make a list of inspirational quotes.

What’s on my Vision Board for (insert year) – I absolutely love creating vision boards. If you have some old magazines, you can create a vision board for what you would like to happen for you this year.

A week of January outfits – If you post photos of your outfits on Instagram regularly then you could make a roundup of a week or even the entire month of your January outfits. This can also help people find you on Instagram and potentially follow you!

Favorite way to stay in shape or Ways to get into shape in (year) – Do you have a favorite way to stay in shape or are you thinking of ideas on how you plan on exercising this year? Share it with your readers so they can workout too or even join in on the workout journey with you!

Things I always take with me to the gym – The beginning of the year is when a lot of people get their gym memberships. Share with them a list of what you take with you to the gym.

Make Money Blogging Tip : Link to some affiliates to items that you have in your gym bag to make yourself some money on potential sales of what is in your list.

Roundup of blog posts you’re reading in this month – Make a list of all of the blog posts that you think your readers should read.

Blogging tip : Email the author’s of the posts you created for your readers and share with them that you featured them in their blog. They’ll appreciate it and some of them may even share it on their social media.

January Movie review – Review a movie you watched in January.

January Book review – Read a book this month? Write about it and tell your readers why the book is worth reading or not.

Movies that are coming out that you are looking forward to seeing this year – Make a list of all of the movies you want to see that are coming to movie theaters this year.

January Music Playlist – What songs are you listening to this month?

Run a beginning of the year giveaway – Giveaways are great for increasing your following and gaining more email subscribers.

January Blog Post Ideas you can create based on a holiday


blog post ideas

January is:

Hot Tea month – Share your favorite teas that you enjoy drinking or have a tea party and share what you served as well as what you wore.

National Oatmeal month – If you love oatmeal, share how you like to eat your oatmeal. Do you add fruit or honey into it? Tell your readers.

National Hobby month – Do you have any hobbies that you enjoy or that you would like to get involved in? Share them with your readers.

National Soup month – List your favorite soups that you like to eat or share a soup recipe that you enjoy.

National Blood Donor month – Donate blood this month if you are up to it or share a story about how someone’s blood donation affected you. Share with your readers why it is important to donate blood.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day – (3rd Monday of January) Share your thoughts about Martin Luther King Jr. Share what you think about his “I Have A Dream” speech or how you think he would react to the way the USA is right now.

blog post ideas

Plan ahead for these blog posts for these specific days of January!

New Year’s Day – Show how you celebrate the New Year’s by showing off what you’re doing, what you’re eating, or what you are wearing to celebrate.

January 4th – It’s National Spaghetti Day. Share your favorite spaghetti recipe.

January 8th – It’s Bubble Bath Day. Share with your readers what you use when you are preparing for a nice bubble bath. What’s your favorite Bubble Bath soap? Do you read? Share with them your Bubble Bath routine.

January 10th – It’s House Plant Appreciation Day! Share the plants that you have around your home or even just in one room. What is the technical term for them? When did you buy them? Do you name your plants?

January 10th – It’s also Bittersweet Chocolate Day. Share your favorite bittersweet chocolate or a list of your favorites.

January 10th – It’s Peculiar People Day. Share with everyone what makes you unique and unusual. You can also put together a unique outfit and share with everyone your style for the day. You can also make a list of peculiar people in movies or tv shows too.

January 14th – It’s Dress Up Your Pet Day. Dress up your pet friend in a cute outfit and share it with your readers.

January 15th – It’s National Hat Day. Wear a hat with your outfit and share it!

January 16th – It’s Appreciate a Dragon Day. Talk about your favorite dragons or dragon related shows, books, movies, and video games. Or show off any artwork you made or a dragon.

Blog post idea: You can always talk about Game of Thrones too.

January 18th – It’s Winnie the Pooh Day! Share your favorite Winnie the Pooh books or why you loved the cartoon when you were younger! This is the birthday of the author of Winnie the Pooh, A. A. Milne.

January 20th – It’s National Cheese Lover Day. Share your favorite cheese recipes or your favorite cheeses, cheese related snacks, or meals.

January 20th – It’s also Penguin Awareness Day! Take this time to share your love for penguins and even dress up like a penguin if you like!

January 22nd – It’s National Blonde Brownie Day. Share with your readers how much you love Blonde Brownies. Share a recipe you create or one that your tried from Pinterest. You can also share the name of a brand that creates delicious Blonde Brownies so that your readers can try them out.

January 23rd – It’s National Pie Day. Share with everyone what your favorite pie/s are. Share your favorite recipe or a new recipe that you found on Pinterest. You can also do review of a pie that you bought in a grocery store too.

January 24th – It’s National Compliment Day. Give people compliments and share your thoughts about how you value compliments or why it is important to compliment others from time to time.

January 27th – It’s Chocolate Cake Day! Eat some chocolate cake and share with your readers what your favorite chocolate cake recipe is or how you make it.

January 29th – It’s National Puzzle Day! Share some of your favorite puzzles or why you like puzzles.

For a list of more January holidays, check out this list.


January blog post ideas


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