3 Months on Fiverr | Fiverr Seller Review | Is Fiverr legit?

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make money with fiverr
Learn how I made money with fiverr these past 3 months. Check out this Fiverr Seller review!

I’ve been selling on Fiverr since September 2018 and I’ve been able to make some extra money with the website which has been pretty awesome. Fiverr is currently a great option for me as side work for being a freelancer. So I’m not going to do too much rambling because I know if you’re reading this you really want me to just talk about how much I’ve made as well as the pros and the cons which is exactly what I am going to do.

So here is my Fiverr seller review!

What is Fiverr?

If you don’t know what Fiverr is… It is a website where you can create “Gigs” which are things that you post for sale. Now this can be a service that you offer virtually or it can be a physical product. Please keep in mind that if you offer a physical product it would be great if it is something digital like an ebook which can be sent easily or if you are selling an item which needs to be shipped to someone (include the shipping price within the gig’s stated price). With Fiverr people can offer Gigs as well as buy Gigs (I haven’t purchased any Gigs myself yet so I can not make a Fiverr review on that personally, but in the future I might). The Fiverr website gets a decent amount of traffic where people can search for useful gigs that will benefit them and assist them within anything that they need help with. So if you’re searching for someone to write a blog post for you or for someone to market something for you on their social media or if you even need advice, there are a lot of people who you can reach out to that will help you when you buy a gig.

So the Gigs that I have created are focused on marketing. I basically will market content to my Pinterest viewers as well as develop SEO keyword descriptions to help their content be found on Pinterest over time. I also offer image creation specifically for Pinterest. From my personal experience, digital marketing of any sort.. whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or blog marketing… all of those do really well on Fiverr if you know how to sell yourself. I have read in the past that being a freelance writer on Fiverr can be great too, but I think that having a website/blog would be beneficial if you would like to do freelance writing on Fiverr.

Fiverr Tip: I would say look at the people who have a lot of reviews on Fiverr that are doing well and somewhat recreate what they have said within their Gigs to help you boost sales. Also make sure that you have original and eye catching photos that display what you are offering if they buy your gig on Fiverr.

How much have I made with Fiverr in the past 3 months?

In the past 3 months I have made $208 on Fiverr which is pretty awesome. In September, I created 3 Fiverr gigs (I want to say) the 1st week of September. I made my first sale the 3rd week of September which I was extremely happy about because I wasn’t really expecting to make too many sales in the beginning. Originally my plan was to create a Fiverr account with a different email and to buy a gig from the account I was selling on… complete the gig and then write a review just to jump start things, but I didn’t have to. In October, I had 4 sales which was a big jump. Then in November, I had 5 sales and one of them was a $60 gig purchase from someone who had purchased from me the previous month which was exciting. Also only one of my gigs is actually selling while the other two are not selling at all which I am not sure if everyone’s experience is like that, but that has been my experience so far.


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Fiverr Seller Review

Fiverr Payments

So a few things about Fiverr payment. Firstly, Fiverr takes 20% of whatever you make so if your gig is $5, you will only receive $4. If your gig is $20, you will only receive $16 so keep that in mind when setting your prices because you do not have to set your gigs at only $5. My lowest gig is $20 right now and you can charge more than that depending on your service, expertise, and your product in general.

Secondly, when you complete a gig and deliver your order, it takes 3 days for the order to be marked as completed. I think this is just to give sometime for the order to be edited if the person who purchased from you needs something changed or something of that manner. After the 3 days are up, it takes 14 days for the money to clear (which I don’t like)… but yeah it takes 14 days for the money to be available on your account for you to withdraw it.

Fiverr pays through Paypal, Direct Deposit, and something called the Fiverr Revenue Card. I am assuming the Fiverr Revenue Card is basically a debit card they send to you that you can easily use to have access to your earnings on Fiverr without having to go through the process of receiving payment. I am not really sure how direct deposit is or how the Fiverr Revenue card works. I only have experience with receiving payment through Paypal. It’s my preferred method of payment when it comes to online money exchanges. Usually my Paypal payment from Fiverr is delivered the day I ask for it to be sent to me… maybe within a couple minutes to an hour or two. It’s pretty quick for the most part. I don’t know if there is a difference on the weekends as far as if it takes a longer time for the payment to be sent on weekends from Fiverr since I usually ask for it to be sent to me during the week so keep that in mind. Also because Fiverr is a company, Paypal takes a little bit of the money you earn when the payment is sent to you. So when I made $16 and I asked for Fiverr to send me my money via Paypal, I want to say I received $15.70 something instead of the entire $16. So keep that in mind as well.

You will receive questions from potential buyers on Fiverr.

With being a seller on Fiverr, you are probably going to get a decent amount of people asking you questions in relation to what you sell and how it can benefit them. The first month, I maybe received 3 questions. In October, I had about 8 people ask me something and then in November… I had about 12 people asking me about the service I offered. Customer service and honesty is so freaking important for sales as well as good reviews.  There have been a couple of times where someone would ask me if I had an audience for something and I would have to be honest with them because if I don’t have an audience for it, they will clearly see it which could potentially result in a bad review.

Fiverr Tip: Always greet people. Be upfront and honest about the potential outcome of the service or product. Say thank you for their interest in working with you. Message people with a kind tone that shows understanding and acknowledgement of their concerns.

Fiverr Ratings

Fiverr ratings are extremely important for future sales, but I only have like 5 reviews and all of them are 5 stars which is great. One thing I need to work on is encouraging people to leave a review once I complete their order since it’ll boost the quality of my gig. I would definitely suggest that you guys ask for reviews as well.

make money with fiverr
Learn how I made money with fiverr these past 3 months. Check out this Fiverr Seller review!

So that’s everything that I have to say about being a freelancer that is a Fiverr seller right now after 3 months of using it as a side gig. I will update you guys about my progress after 6 months of selling on Fiverr so stay tuned for that!

Pros of selling on Fiverr

  • Easy to set up gigs.
  • Can set the amount you would like to receive for your gigs.
  • Paypal payment option.
  • Decent platform for acquiring customers depending on your gig’s focus.

Cons of selling on Fiverr

  • Fiverr takes 20% of the amount you earn.
  • It can be slow to get sales depending on what you are selling.
  • It takes 14 days for a payment to clear.

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Overall, I hope that you guys found this Fiverr seller review helpful!

If you have any questions or thoughts, leave a comment down below and I’ll be sure to answer them!


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