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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

I was obsessed with Sabrina the Teenage Witch when I was a child. I would try to watch it every morning knowing it would make me late for school. There was just something about a teenage girl having magical powers that intrigued me. I binge watch the series once in awhile even now that I am older. I was so happy to find out that they were remaking the series, but I wasn’t really aware of how different it was going to be. I knew about the graphic novel the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but I had not personally read it. (It is on my ever growing list of graphic novels to check out.) Anyway I was pretty surprised by the Netflix Original version of Sabrina, but it was in a good way.

The dark aspect of witches and their spiritual beliefs

Whenever I have seen shows in the past about witches like Charmed, the correlation to evil was always about them fighting evil and not them doing evil things themselves as much. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina definitely brings in the idea of the powers that witches have stemming from an evil being that wants them to do his bidding when called upon.

The show is pretty dark….and kind of draining.

This is the first show that I had to pause from binge watching because it made me exhausted for some reason. I don’t know if it was just me, but watching this series had me feeling some type of way that made me feel tired. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is completely different from any show that I have honestly ever seen in my life. I know you guys have watched shows involving manipulation. For example, a many of drama shows and shows like Game of Thrones involve a heavy amount of manipulation…. but this show has a whole other different type of manipulation which involves the claim to a soul and a person’s morals.

I love the beauty and fashion in the show.

I know this probably isn’t important to a lot of you, but for me I love shows where the characters are dressed in a certain way that is easy for me to recreate myself. I think it’s mainly because it gives me ideas for new characters to cosplay and dress up as in the future since I am a cosplayer myself. I loved all of the outfits that the characters wore and I know for sure that I will be cosplaying as one of my favorite witches, Prudence, at some point of time.

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Things I miss: Sabrina the Teenage Witch vs. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


If you guys came to the series thinking that Salem would be talking and sprouting his witty jokes like in the original series, you unfortunately were sadly mistaken. In the Netflix series we did not have the pleasure of seeing a familiar talking until the final moments of the season finale. So there is probably potential for Salem to speak aloud in the future, but it doesn’t happen in the first season if you were looking forward to that.

The enchanting magical aspect

In my personal opinion there surprisingly isn’t a decent amount of magic in the show and what I mean by that is… there isn’t really a lot of magical things happening that you would think that you would see. Not much levitation, flying, and zapping of items like Sabrina the Teenage Witch. There was a decent amount of chanting though and declarations of magical sources. I feel like this was potentially a more authentic version of how magic would probably be. Although I was hoping for a lot of magical scenes to be honest.

Now to the good stuff….

If you haven’t seen the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, this is probably where you should leave and come back after you have seen the show because now I am going to talk about the things that I look forward to in the next season.

It’s a lot of spoilers so be warned!!


Things I look forward to in the 2nd season of Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Dark Sabrina

There was a lot of focus as to how Sabrina would change after signing her name in the book and giving up her free will. Her hair color changed to a platinum blonde. I am assuming she changed it herself and it was not necessarily due to all of the stress that she went through fighting herself as she was trying to save her friends. However, I really want to see how she is considering we see at the end of the season how she has befriended the Weird sisters even after everything they did to Harvey and his brother.

Zelda kidnapping & taking care of the twin baby

Zelda stole the daughter of Father Blackwood because she was born first before the male child and she was concerned about what would have happened to the baby. So she told Father Blackwood that the son had eaten her in the womb instead because she was the weaker of the two. I look forward to seeing how the child turns out and how she’ll do with hiding the child from everyone and keeping her safe.

Ambrose’s past, present, and future

Ambrose is one of my favorite characters on the show. I kind of want to see how he processes the fact that Hilda gave Luke (his boyfriend) a little love potion and how he deals with all of the awful things going on under Father Blackwood’s watch. I also would like to learn more about his parents as well. His entire character seems pretty interesting.

Finding out what actually happened to Sabrina’s parents

It sucks that Sabrina briefly saw her mom in limbo when trying to save Tommy’s (Harvey’s Brother) soul, but forgot about it and didn’t mention it after Tommy’s soul was eaten by a soul eater. There is so much speculation as to what happened to Sabrina’s parents and the accident that took their lives. Of course we all know they were murdered by someone. I wouldn’t be surprised if Father Blackwood had did it to reach the position that he is currently in. However, I do look forward to seeing what happens.

Sabrina’s relationship with Nicholas

We all can tell that Nicholas has a thing for Sabrina, even suggesting that she has two boyfriends instead of one. I actually kind of like him. He seems to have Sabrina’s best interest at heart as he tries to be there for her and help her throughout the season. I hope his character gets more screen time in season 2.

Hilda’s relationship unfolding with Dr. Cerberus (the demon??)

We see that Hilda is falling in love with the owner of the local book store where she works, but we also see his eyes change as if he is a snake or some sort of other animal. So I am hoping that he doesn’t impregnate her with a demon. LOL I am curious to see what he wants to do with Hilda and the Spellman family in general.

Dark Lord’s plans for Sabrina

It’s so weird seeing how the dark lord showed up to Sabrina when having her sign her name in the book. He looks terrifying and gives me bad vibes. I never thought I’d be scared of a goat, buuuut…. I kind of am. LOL At first the show unfolded with the idea that the dark lord was afraid of Sabrina overpowering him or like he needed her for something specific which is why he wanted her to join him which is what I initially thought. There was a lot of talk about a prophecy coming to fruition which I suppose Sabrina fulfilled. However, the last episode led me to believe the dark lord wants something else from Sabrina. Ms. Wardwell aka Madam Satan was speaking with her crow familiar as he showed concern that maybe the dark lord was interested in Sabrina because he actually wanted to be with her and have her as his.. well… bride (if that makes sense)… which makes me wonder if Sabrina was powerful enough this entire time and capable enough to stop certain things from occurring on her own. I mean why else would the dark lord be interested in her if she wasn’t that powerful? There has to be something going on that reveals his interest in her, but I am starting to lean towards the idea that he is actually interested in being with her somewhat romantically to a certain degree. I could be wrong though.

The thing that I look forward to the most in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is…

Sabrina finding out that Ms. Wardwell isn’t who she claims to be.

I can’t wait to see how Sabrina reacts and destroys Ms. Wardwell when she finds out that she was the reason why everything happened. She set Sabrina on this path and I am sure that Sabrina won’t be happy at all when she finds out that the mother of demons is actually impersonating her teacher that has actually been dead for weeks/months.


So those were my thoughts and my review on Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I eventually plan on reading the graphic novel series and telling you guys what I think about it in the near future.

Let me know your thoughts on the series by leaving a comment down below.

What do you look forward to seeing next season?

Who’s your favorite character?

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