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October 2018 My First Income Report + November Goals| Make Money Online

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income report
My First Income Report – October 2018 | Blogging and Living

So this is my first income report that I am sharing with you guys with websites that I used and that you can use to make money online. I plan on eventually adding blog income to these reports whenever I start to make money with this website. Hopefully that will be within the next couple of months.

This post contains affiliate and referral links. See disclaimer here.

So here is my October 2018 income report!

Fiverr (side hustle) – $80

Swagbucks (taking surveys) – $28.67

Cashcrate (taking surveys) – $30.78

Google Adsense (ads) – $2.44

Ebates (cashback website) – $2.04

Viglink (affiliates) – $0.70

Activate (shared a tweet) – $0.10

Total Earned = $144.73

(Some money was paid the same month while others weren’t paid, but will be after 30-60 days.)

Online Expenses = $59.05

New blog domain (Namecheap) – $11.05

WordPress personal plan – $48.00

Total to spend after expenses = $85.68

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My first income report – October 2018 | Blogging and Living

Things that happened in October

I only spent a week on Swagbucks and Cashcrate.

I only spent time on these websites for a week and I loved the experience considering I made a decent amount of money. I hope to make more money from the both of these websites by simply answering surveys. The goal was to make between $4-$6 Monday-Friday.

Join Swagbucks and Cashcrate to make money taking online surveys today!

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I started this website.

I was going to wait to start this website, but I decided to just jump into it. I am excited and I am feeling extremely hopeful as well as positive about this blog.

I had 8 inquiries on Fiverr & made 4 sales.

I have been making money on Fiverr since September and it’s been a pretty nice side hustle. I usually make enough to cover at least 3/4ths of my phone bill which is great, but in October I made enough to cover my entire phone bill which I was happy about. I try to answer all questions that are sent to me via my Inbox and provide information to people interested in working with me. So far I have had a great experience with selling on Fiverr and I’ve helped out quite a few people.

Social Media Goals

Instagram – 53 —> Increase to 90 followers.

Pinterest – 5824 —> Increase to 6000 followers.

Twitter – 1446 & 760 —> Increase by 80 followers.

Facebook – 0 —> Increase to 100 followers.

Post on Instagram at least 9x this month.

I barely ever use Instagram, but I would like to learn how to properly use it so that I can effectively grow my following as well as market my content. I would like to become an Instagram Influencer some day as well.

Create Facebook page and market content from this website.

I really need to learn how to increase Facebook likes and engagement. It is not as easy for me to do in comparison to sites like Twitter and Pinterest. I will probably try some different strategies and see what happens this month.

Post every piece of blog content at least 3 times on Twitter.

I never post content on Twitter the way that I should. So this month, I will try to use tweetdeck to share and promote my content more.

Post blog content on Pinterest and share each in Pinterest group boards.

I hardly ever use Pinterest group boards, but I know that they can be beneficial. I create pins for various blog posts and some of them do really well for marketing content while others do decently well.

Blog Goals

Post at least 12 times this month on this blog.

I have a list of the blog posts that I plan on writing about this month. I want to post 4 times a week at least to grow content and be able to help others as well.

Reach at least 3000 views on my website.

I feel like this is doable, but we shall see. It really just depends on how much I market.

Promote posts.

Tend to not promote my content as much as I should. So this month I plan on promoting on every social media account that I have.

Make at least 20 comments on other blogs & websites.

One thing that is great for ranking on Google involves creating backlinks. I plan on posting on at least 20 other websites.

Create About Me, privacy policy, and disclaimer pages.

I would like to make a great About Me page that shows off my personality, but also intrigues viewers to want to become regular readers. I’ll most likely edit this page every year or so. The privacy policy and the disclaimer page is also very important because it assists with creating legality for your blog if you are trying to make money from it.

Money Goals

Actively participate on Swagbucks and Cashcrate.

I would like to make at least $100 via surveys, but this is all dependent on if I will take the time out to do it. There are people that make $500+ with survey sites and I am hoping that maybe I can eventually work myself up to that eventually.

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Make at least 4 sales on Fiverr.

I made 4 sales on Fiverr last month and I would like to make at least that many sales consistently again this month.

Increase Adsense money on my other blog.

I never really do that well with Adsense on my other blog. It doesn’t really make me more than $2 and usually I make around $1 each month.. so I am hoping that I can some how increase my ad revenue this month.


income report
My First Income Report – See how I made money online and how you can too!

Overall, this month was a pretty decent month. I would like to make maybe $200 this month, but we’ll see what happens. I shall attempt to reach all of my goals this month. I hope that you guys are able to reach all of your goals as well!

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