90s Cartoons Every Kid Should Watch

    Hands down, 90s cartoons are so much better than the cartoons that are currently out now. I wish that a lot of the shows were still on tv because even as an adult… I would happily watch them, but sady most of them aren’t. So many kids are not going to experience the awesomeness of 90s cartoons because they aren’t on your everyday tv programming. However, you can find a lot of these cartoon shows on dvd, Blu-Ray, and Hulu.

    If you’re looking for the best cartoons from the 90s, then you’ve come to the right place.

    So let’s jump into the 90s cartoons that every kid should watch.

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    13 Places to Meet Men | Dating Advice

    where to meet men

    Dating can be hard, but finding someone to actually date can be harder. You never exactly know where to go to meet someone new, but you know you’d like to date someone and potentially fall in love.

    I’ve been there…. and today, I wanted to share with you my guide on where to find men.

    This dating advice guide is applicable for all ages.

    So whether you’re in your 20’s or 60’s, you can use this to find places to meet men.

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    100+ Selfie Hashtags to Use on Instagram

    selfie hashtags

    If you’re looking for some selfie hashtags, then you’ve come to the right place. Today I decided to do some research on selfie hashtags that can be great for increasing visibility and engagement on Instagram.

    Try these hashtags out whenever you post a selfie on Instagram!

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    100+ Unique September Blog Post Ideas

    september blog post ideas

    It’s almost September which means it’s time to plan on those September blog post ideas. I decided to come up with an assortment of ideas that you can use to update your blog with this September.

    Take sometime to check them out

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    This Anime Will Leave You In Tears – Anohana Review

    anohana review

    This past week I decided to find some new anime to watch. Netflix recommended Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day so I decided to take a chance on it and watch it.

    Now I’m one of the those unfortunate people that usually will start watching an anime series only to stop watching it before I get to the actual ending. However, upon realizing that Anohana was only 11 episodes long, I decided to go ahead and check it out.

    Before I even start, I just want you guys to know… if you enjoy emotional series, this is the anime for you.

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    DIY Atlantis Audrey Ramirez Costume

    audrey ramirez

    Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire was one of the most underrated movies. I know one of my favorite things about this movie was Audrey Ramirez, the tough and hardworking mechanic who was capable of fixing engines even under pressure. One of the reasons why I loved her so much was that she was representing strong and powerful women with an unconventional job for a woman at the time the movie was released.

    Today I figured I would share with you guys an Audrey Ramirez outfit costume tutorial.

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    DIY Roxanne Goofy Movie Costume

    roxanne disney

    Roxanne is one of my favorite Disney characters. She was Max’s gorgeous childhood crush on A Goofy Movie. Today I figured I would share my Disney Roxanne costume tutorial where I share with you all how to dress as Roxanne from A Goofy Movie. She has one of the easiest outfits that you can wear for Halloween, if you’re Disney Bound, or if you just want to dress like a Disney character in every day life.

    So let’s jump into this Roxanne Goofy Movie outfit!

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    The BEST Digital Marketing Hashtags for Instagram

    digital marketing hashtags

    If you’re focused on digital marketing, then you should be using hashtags to grow your visibility. Hashtags make it easier for people to find your content because they target people who specifically search or follow that hashtag. I did some research and I found some of the best digital marketing hashtags that you can use to increase your reach as well as engagement.

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    Easy DIY Spinelli Recess Costume

    recess costume

    Ashley Spinelli was one of my favorite characters from the Disney cartoon Recess. She was the take no crap from no one tomboy who was feared. I absolutely enjoyed her strong and tough personality. So today I figured I would share with you guys a DIY Halloween costume tutorial for Ashley Spinelli.

    So let’s jump into this Spinelli Recess costume!

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    5 Simple Plaid Skirt Outfits You’ll Love

    plaid skirt outfit

    I absolutely love plaid skirts. They are stylish and you can wear them in an assortment of ways. I know when I was younger, I always wanted to wear a plaid skirt outfit. Actually I always wanted to own a plaid skirt in every color and I still do even now. Today I figured I would showcase 5 simple plaid skirt outfits that you can wear that don’t require too much effort.

    So let’s jump into some quick plaid skirt outfits.

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